Heroes Publish Presents: Tactical Pause with AJ Powell

Heroes Publish Podcast
Heroes Publish Podcast
Heroes Publish Presents: Tactical Pause with AJ Powell

On this episode I sit down with my good friend AJ Powell. We discuss his first book ‘Tactical Pause’ which just so happens to be published by Heroes Media Groups publishing department. I asked AJ, “When you were active duty, did you have a mentor? A senior Petty Officer or Chief Petty Officer that you looked up to, who guided you, showed you what right looked like, and helped you progress?”

We ALL need a mentor like that in our lives, to help us grow personally and professionally, to reach and exceed our potentials, and move on to accomplish great and meaningful things in our lives…

NonCommissioned Officers and Petty Officers are ALL supposed to be able to do 5 things, and do them REALLY well… Teach, Coach, Mentor, Guide, and LEAD. All 5 of those things fulfill the two basic responsibilities of all NCO’s and PO’s: The welfare of those that follow them, and the accomplishment of the mission. When I was active duty, I made certain that every single day, that I lived up to those five things in order to fulfill my two basic responsibilities. With the RIGHT guidance, we grow a strong, competent, confident, capable team, able to accomplish anything and achieve success, and ready to lead others themselves. To that end, that is the purpose of Tactical Pause.

Imagine, a great mentor can only be in one place at a time, and growing people takes serious time and effort, yet there’s millions out there who could honestly benefit from an NCO’s mentorship, right?

I developed Tactical Pause from this perspective when I set out to write it.
I poured real life research and expertise on the science of leadership and personal development, and a career of personal experience in leading from the front while overcoming adversity and hardship, into a book, and specifically designed it using the psychology of learning, to help mentor, guide, and grow exceptional people, capable of anything they set out to accomplish, who are able to succeed in spite of all odds.

Get your copy of Tactical Pause here: https://amzn.to/38KzWly

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