Ep: 253 – Mobile Home Money Makers

The Decision Hour
Ep: 253 - Mobile Home Money Makers

I sit down with a mother and her son and hear their story of moving to America, overcoming disabilities to changing the lives of other people.

Edith explains, they came to the United States in 1993, the reason was their oldest Daughter Samantha was born with a brain tumor, wanting a better life for her, Edith and her husband with $500 in their pocket and 2 suitcases moved to the United States. A few years later Nicholas was born (1995). Fast forward several years, May of 2006, Young Nicholas was diagnosed with a stage four Brain Tumor and he talks about his mindset and what he did to get better.

“And I got this Walker to help me you know, jumpstart and walking and well why this is significant is this is actually kind of propelling us to who we are today and what we’re doing an offering for others. So forcing myself you know, learning to walk I learned that it’s really important to stay focused on your goals and focused and determined and I always have a saying that in life we have two choices when we fail at something. So that’s either we fail we fall over and we cry about it and pout and do absolutely nothing or we can involve, you can get back up, no matter how much your legs are shaking and how painful it is, you just do it, you get up and you move on forward.” ~Nicholas~

We then discuss the business of Golden Wing Mobile Homes (https://goldenwingmobilehomes.com) and the journey they have taken to get to where they are with the business right now, to include an online course they have created for beginners that show people how easy it is.


They then share one way of how they are paying it forward. They started handing out care packages to the homeless. And in 2017 they started their non-profit Golden Wing Helping Hands. https://goldenwinghelpinghands.org

Since starting they have donated more than 2,000 care packages!

“it’s all about, you know, inspiring the future generations about the things that we do for other people, because that’s really what it’s all about building our communities stronger and inspiring more people”. 

Take a listen to the whole episode and please be sure to check out all of their websites!

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