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Each person has the potential to make positive decisions. Courage, Bravery, Selflessness, Passion, Integrity and Confidence are some of the words to describe traits of a hero. Teachers, First Responders and Military Personal are some of our recognized world’s heroes, but let’s not forget the everyday citizen.

Welcome to The Decision Hour, the podcast where we explore the tough decisions that people from all walks of life have made and the impact those choices had on their lives.

Each episode, we sit down with a different guest who shares their personal story of a time when they found themselves at a crossroads, with their feet on the line, and they had to make THAT decision. Our guests come from all different backgrounds, from business leaders and entrepreneurs to athletes, artists, and everyday heroes.

Through these candid conversations, we delve into the thought process and emotions behind each decision, exploring the challenges and obstacles that our guests faced, as well as the lessons they learned along the way.

Whether you’re facing a tough decision in your own life or just looking for inspiration and motivation, The Decision Hour is the podcast for you. So join us each week as we explore the tough choices that shape our lives and help us become the best versions of ourselves.

The Decision Hour is approaching. What will you decide?

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