Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 33 – For Those That Have Gone Before Us

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Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 33 - For Those That Have Gone Before Us

This is one of the most powerful episodes I’ve ever sat in, or listened to. “For Those That Have Gone Before Us”.

We were privileged to have Melanie House with us today to listen to her story. An intrepid Gold Star Widow who was put in front of the impossible. Alone, with their 4 week old son, was notified with a knock on her door that John had died in a helicopter crash that claimed 31 American Heroes. A story filled with palpable pain, sorrow, overwhelming loss, but also love & triumph.

In her eloquent storytelling abilities, she intertwines the story of John D. House. A hero to those that understood what he bestowed on the altar of freedom, in a place considered one of the most dark places void of any light and hope in 2004-2005. Tragedy after tragedy, she lays out the real cost of war. The human toll that spouses and loved ones endure when our best sons and daughters pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Melanie shares the anguish she felt pierced by her darkest moments. She also gives us invaluable lessons of perseverance and hope. Her story is powerful, and in her own words, an episode in her life she didn’t choose or asked for. Nonetheless, she did the best she could, to put her life back together. If not for her, at least for their beautiful son James. Her story is a story that you’re going to want to listen to, and share repeatedly, because she lays out the clues and foundation for all of us to follow when we find ourselves in our own hell. Melanie shows us all that there is absolute love and healing on the other side.

This story is another stitch in the rich fabric that makes up humanity. Thank you for listening to this episode, and, as the tattoo on John’s chest read, thank you “For Those That Have Gone Before Us.”? If you’d like to donate to the amazing charities that supported Melanie and James in their most critical moment, or just help spread the word, please go to the following:

We encourage all of our listeners to reach out to us. We love reading your insights, feedback, and how we can add more value to your day. Feel free to reach out to any of us, or if you’d like to reach out to Melanie as well.

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