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Humility. Honesty. Action. A unique look into the everyday challenges that life and military service ultimately brings to both active duty military members and veterans. Join us as not your average operator veterans Mike, Raf, and Melon dive into some of life’s hardest questions, challenges, and situations as they open up their lives and personal experiences and dissect them in a way that can bring out the best version of ourselves, and help leave the negative in the rearview mirror. From training and deployments, to family and friends; this is a discussion you do not want to miss.



Meet the Hosts: 

Paul aka “Melon” is a former Australian Army soldier and then Australian Air Force Pilot. He grew up in Melbourne, but now lives in the Middle East with his family- wife and two children. Rugby has been a lifelong passion and outlet.  He is completing his MBA now and loves to read and try to process the wisdom left to us from the great thinkers. Ask him for a coffee recommendation and you might be surprised.

Mike is an accomplished member of U.S. Special Operations with 14 years of extensive experience as a team leader throughout 5 overseas deployments on 3 continents.  He draws strength from his core beliefs in teamwork, faith, and his family to overcome daily challenges. When he isn’t working, you may find him at the beach catching up on some reading, or at your nearest karaoke spot “exploring the space.” Either way, you’ll always find him ready to put the world aside and help those around him become better.

Raf is a retired Army Black Hawk helicopter pilot who served 20 years of active military service. Continues to pursue his love for flying with overseas contract work. Living all over the world, he’s finally established residence in the Pacific Northwest. Received a master’s degree in Project Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, but insists that traveling abroad has been his greatest guru. He’s a father, a husband first, and consummate hobbyist.

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