Ep: 001 – How psychedelics helped me?

Ep: 001 – How psychedelics helped me?
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*Disclaimer Psychedelics are clinically and traditionally proven to help and heal the body and mind beyond what any modern medicine can do. They also have far less negative side effects. 

Psychedelics are considered a schedule 1 narcotic in many states. Some countries out side the us like Soltara and Rythmia in Costa Rica offer retreats for these alternative medicines. There are even small groups in the US with special permission under the protection of religious rights. 

Never would I thought I would be speaking and writing about this topic. After my experiences and the profound growth as a husband, father, and friend they provided me, I share this crazy out of this world experience every chance I get. 

I firmly believe its ancient traditional, spiritual medicines like these that will heal humans. I mean, who’s to gain by this, certainly not big Pharma. Right now its pure, not tainted (yet) by mans greed. 

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