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Do you desire to create a life worth living in your faith, family, and career?

Welcome to Beyond the Rut, the podcast that offers you the motivation, inspiration, and practical tools to help you build a life worth living. Our show is here to help you break free from those limitations and find a path to success.


Join us as we share encouraging stories and actionable advice on how to get out of a rut in life and create a vision for your future. We’ll discuss the importance of mindset, setting goals, and taking actionable steps towards achieving your success.

Whether you’re looking for career guidance, personal development tips, or just need a boost of inspiration to get started on your journey, Beyond the Rut is the podcast for you. Join us each week as we help you discover the tools and mindset needed to create a fulfilling life and break free from the limitations holding you back.


About the Host:   Jerry Dugan is a public speaker, author, and podcast host.

Since 2015, Jerry has been the voice behind the Beyond the Rut podcast, a source of empowering narratives and actionable insights that propel listeners beyond stagnation and towards more fulfilling lives. In 2023, he encapsulated his transformative philosophy in a book of the same title, using the R.U.T. framework to redefine success and breathe purpose into everyday existence.

In the dynamic world of corporate transformation, Jerry Dugan stands at the helm of BtR Impact, LLC as its CEO and Senior Leadership Consultant. With a focused mission, he guides leaders to amplify employee engagement, ensuring they achieve peak performance while crafting a seamless blend of work, life, and personal values.

Jerry’s pragmatic leadership approach, known as the T.E.N.T. framework, stems from a rich background that includes commanding roles during Operation Iraqi Freedom and corporate healthcare endeavors. This framework is his compass for cultivating leaders across all tiers, fostering teams rooted in trust, collaboration, and transparency to yield concrete business outcomes.

Jerry’s vision doesn’t stop at breaking free from life’s ruts; he envisions a life lived expansively. Residing in Dallas, Texas, he savors the tranquil ’empty nest’ phase with his partner, Olivia, after raising a son and daughter into adulthood. They now share their home with three feline companions and a loyal dog named Oreo.


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