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The Professional Rule Breaker is a business podcast where Kathy Walterhouse talks with today’s most successful entrepreneurs that have gotten to where they are by thinking outside the box and ripping up the rule book. Ever wonder what a former US Surgeon General, Nobel Peace Prize winner or a Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur did to get to where they are today?   On the podcast she will have conversations that give you behind the scenes secrets to INSPIRE you the entrepreneur, the side hustler to take action and succeed in your business.


About Host:

Kathy Walterhouse is a sales expert, head EMPOWERer and dynamic speaker who’s passionate about thinking outside the box. Having sold close to a Billion Dollars…yes a billion with a “B”, she has developed a unique approach to sales and business building that’s guaranteed to deliver results.

As a part-time film and TV actress, she loves using her creative side to dream up fresh and exciting ways to help businesses connect with their customers.

Whether you are looking to revamp your sales strategy, give a knockout presentation or simply get motivated to reach your goals…she is you go to person to make magic happen.











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