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HomeFront Sitrep focuses on veteran service organizations from around the United States. We also bring in veteran bussiness owners and veterans to tell thier stories of thier continued service to the veteran community. While on the podcast we enage in very meaningful conversations and have playful banter back and fourth all while telling the journey of the veteran or veterans involved.


HomeFront Sitrep is hosted by a Marine Corps veteran David Willis. I served in the Marines from 1997 to 2004.

I knew at a very early age that I was going into the military but didn’t know what branch. As I got older and started learning about each branch and quickly figured out that the Marines was the best. I served in the Marine Corps from 97-04. My MOS was 0311(infantry). I went to Paris Island for boot camp after bootcamp I was stationed with 2nd blt 8th Marines Golf company. While with 2/8 I went on several deployments to port a prince Haiti, Okinawa, South Korea, Greece, also did two trips to Bridgeport California for cold weather training, I wasn’t going to make a Mediterranean float so I extended and joined 1st blt 8th Marines Bravo company. During my time there we deployed to the Mediterranean and had stops in Spain, Italy, Malta, Africa, and other ports. I got out of the Marines inAugust of 01, but 9/11 happened and was recalled to go back in where I was stationed with a mobilization support battalion and deployed.

After getting out of the Marines in04, I met my now wife and westarted a family. I have two beautiful daughters. I also started working in the pest control industry, that didn’t suit me, so I went to work in the telecommunications industry and have been since 2006. I worked for Insight communications for eight years and worked myself up to supervisor and held that title for two and half years. Currently I work for AT&T as a buried services machine operator, was a Wire Technician for my first 9 years.

My passion is helping veterans, I started the Communications Workers of America Local 3310 veterans committee, where we worked with other local unions and businesses from Louisville to rebuild homes for homeless veterans called Operation Victory. Currently still co chair on this committee, but I am also the president for the state of Kentucky for AT&T Veterans, which is a chapter of the national 501c3. While being president myself and another veteran Gene Spear came up with the ideal of a tiny home community for homeless veterans. We we regaining traction when I was asked to serve on the board for Veteran’s Club Inc as sergeant of arms, where I helped build the organization into a nationally recognized 501c3. During this time I brought the tiny home community over to Veteran’s Club. I left Veteran’s Club for personal reasons and the project was canceled. My daughters and myself still volunteer with any veteran event we are able to.

I currently host a podcast called HomeFront Sitrep, we bring in 501c3’s and veteran owned businesses from around the country to tell their stories and what lead them to give back to their communities and veterans. As for The Oath that I took, I would absolutely do it again, in a heartbeat!

Semper Fi

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