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Deanna Marie Kuempel presents; Label Free Podcast. At Label Free, we want our listeners to feel inspired, uplifted, and courageous. On this podcast we’ll discuss how we, as individuals, can break free from the labels that society puts on us, both personally and professionally. Join me for candid interviews with entrepreneurs, artists, health & wellness experts, executives, humanitarians, and more, as they share their personal and professional journeys, while they share wisdom they’ve learned along the way.

I was born & raised in the Chicagoland area. I studied Business & Accounting at Harper College. Prior to meeting my husband I had a small event planning business & offered personal training services. I have an extensive background in being an entrepreneur & leader. I was VP of Key Accounts & Business Operations for a $20million dollar transmission remanufacturing facility with 150 employees simultaneously running 4 other entities (3 commercial real estate holding businesses & 1 installation arm for our manufactured transmissions) for 10yrs. Prior to a life-changing event I closed one of the largest contracts in my career with the State of South Carolina for 5yrs, estimating at $20million. In one contract I doubled the size of the business. I have many multi-million contracts/Key Accounts under my belt (FGA, Verizon, AER Dhamer Powertrain, and more). All have given me stellar recommendations.

In 2016 I was forced to start over. I always had a passion for Fashion (still do, I think Fashion will always be my first love). I engaged a design company out of Soho NY to start me on that journey. I founded Deanna Marie Label in 2017- I designed, produced and launched 3 collections over the course of a few years. I successfully fulfilled a Kickstarter campaign raising over $5k to produce my first collection. I was on the runway in Rhode Island at StyleWeek. I was a finalist for StyleChicago for the Cadillac Design Challenge and ended my fashion adventure with my last collection at a large runway charity event (I organized with my team) against Human Trafficking at Stan Mansion in Chicago. During that process I single handedly sourced all of my fabric, Chicago-based pattern makers, Chicago-based manufacturers, fit models etc. It was FUN! I also rolled out a skincare line in conjunction with my label and still successfully have a steady client base with that to this day.

In 2019 I read an article on how to start a podcast. I thought to myself I don’t know who the heck I think I am, but I’m gonna do it! I am a person that has overcome much abuse & trauma so I decided on the name Label Free with the help of my best friend Julie Bryant. I truly live my life free of any kind of labels. I focus on talking to mainly entrepreneurs that are living life on their own terms and can offer insight or a piece of wisdom for the audience. Since then it has been such a great experience as I grow and extend my reach around the world. I am currently in the top 2% globally as a host on several platforms. I am streaming on 15 audio platforms and YouTube. I am finding that the podcast space is on fire & essential to the growth of all types of businesses and brands.

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