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One is entertaining and gay, the other insightful and straight. "The Diversity Duo" investigates the heartbeat in relationship conversation, so join them for all the feels every Wednesday with a new episode, to ask yourself, “Do I judge a book by its cover…?”



The Diversity Duo-


“Cowboy” Jax

A father, spouse, U.S. Veteran, and professional in entertainment with decades of experience including executive production, creative director, production in performance genres: singer/songwriter, model, dance instructor/choreographer, actor, T.V., and film. Currently, Founder/CEO of SAVE Home Front or (SHFV).

His relationships journey is considerable, personally dealing with divorce, being a single Dad, tragic loss, homelessness, and being a suicide survivor, along with several other traumatic events. Hundreds of hours logged in personal counseling in the discovery of negotiating physical and mental hurdles such as anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and trust issues, have led him to become an experienced and influential communicator in vulnerability and transparency.

“Loren and I give voice to every culture and sexual identity, understanding each other, that is Licensed For Love.” – Cowboy Jax

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Loren Michaels Harris

Having survived six years within the state foster care system and experienced the joys and traumas associated with having had 22 mothers, Michaels-Harris is an authority on how to shed shame and reinvent blame.

Loren is dedicated to sharing with others his systematic approach in harnessing the true power found within life’s curveballs, thereby utilizing that power to refine ones’ trajectory in life.  As a mentor, “Break Through Coach,” author and friend, Michaels-Harris believes that we are all a part of “The Ripple Effect,” and that he must use his story to create a ripple that will reach around the globe.

Loren is the Founder of “The Power Of WE Symposium” an event dedicated to uplifting, celebrating, and encouraging inner-city youth leaders around the globe.  The Power Of WE Symposium provides a one-day experience for these kids that allows them access to areas of opportunity most have never dreamed possible. Loren has been married to his husband; Dr. Brian Rzepczynski for 5 five years.

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