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Patriots Inside The Wire is dedicated to sharing the courageous tales of Patriots, 1st Responders, Veterans, and Gold Star Families of fallen heroes. Our platform goes beyond storytelling, as we spotlight important issues that affect us all, and advocate for change where necessary. By tuning in, you become part of a larger movement dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of our community, both military and civilian.

Patriots Inside The Wire is more than just a broadcast and podcast; it’s a tribute to the resilience and sacrifice of our military community. We showcase music, events, venues, art, community activities and more.  We connect you to a community on our TV & Radio broadcasts.

By sharing news, events, and music reviews, we foster a sense of connection and support among our listeners, creating a community that stands strong together. We encourage our listeners to engage with the content, participate in community events, and support legislative initiatives. Our platform is a call to action for everyone who shares our values of patriotism and service, inviting them to be an active part of a community that makes a real difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

Be part of our inspiring journey as we provide a space where these heroes’ voices are not just heard, they’re celebrated!



Host – Tracy”2Step”

Founder of Military Moms of Texas and Tennessee for over 15 years.

This Gold Star Mom is a Dolly-loving, Johnny Cash, blood-flowing gal that grew up in Nashville and landed in Texas. Music is in my blood, so I stayed in Texas, singing, writing, and working on over 50 films with the ATX film society.  I also wrote successfully for the metropolitan while creating “Venue Magazine”, interviewing and focusing on venues, views, news, food & music reviews.

As my oldest son joined the Army as an infantry soldier, we created multiple organizations that are still here 17 years later, building relationships & support for Veterans, active duty, and fallen heroes’ families. One of which is the Gold Star Family Foundation, which is a network and committee of companies, supporters, and organizations to care for our fallen heroes.

Some of these were created when US Army decorated combat active-duty infantry soldier Sgt Adam “2Step” H. La Porte, my firstborn son, had been killed. At that time I became a Gold Star Mom, and we need you to know what fighting for freedom means. We are not afraid to stand up, rise up, and show We The People sacrificed a life for your freedoms.

We bring joy and connect to the latest views and news through Patriots Inside The Wire broadcast. We highlight music, art, news, views, and venues, and host the largest Patriot Fest each year. Let us highlight you and your hero, or your company that supports fallen heroes.  We are for every Patriot, 1st responder, Veteran, and Fallen Hero, remembering families in everything we do. We should know their names and bridge a gap for all our heroes & families. Our mission is to join each community and support one another (both military and civilian), recognizing all our sacrifices, especially the fallen.



Co-Host: John “SWAT” Swantner,

A Texas native and Iraq War Veteran who has been surrounded by music his entire life, from school, church choirs, competing in local talent shows and performing for his fellow soldiers.

John Swantner has a remarkable way of cutting to the core of his listeners’ emotions with a blended style of old and modern country, mixed with his own powerful and distinctive vocals.  This combination exposes a truly talented artist.

John gathers much of his material from growing up in a small town in Texas.  For the past few years, John has been in Nashville working with other accomplished songwriters honing his talent and craft as a songwriter. He’s had the privilege of co-writing with such renowned marquee writers as Brad Crisler, Greg Crowe, Steve Dean, Johnny Garcia, Dave Gibson, Larry McCoy, Steve Obrien, Mark Sherrill and Bridgette Tatum, naming just a few.

John has several cuts on the CMT reality star Nick Riggins album “Farmed and Dangerous”, plus a cut “It Ain’t All Good but It Ain’t Half Bad” on Tony Stampley’s album “When I Get On A Roll”.  John was selected to participate in the 2016 and 2018 Texas Songwriter U Showcase, and won the 2016 Texas Troubadour of the Year award.

Positive attitude and electric energy while performing on stage also makes John “SWAT” a distinct individual who entertains and dazzles every audience large or small.  This makes him a “don’t miss”, when in your area.

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