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Welcome to The Joel Evan Show, where we focus on people doing disruptive things in their industry, whether health, wellness, mindset, or mastery.


Having been influenced by so many alternative health practitioners doing disruptive things that most people were unaware of, Joel felt the need to share these ideas with a larger audience. Joel is a holistic health coach and helps busy and motivated people lose weight and get to the root cause of their health issues, whether it’s gut health, heavy toxic metals, parasites, or even autoimmune. Joel has also been heavily influenced by another disruptive culture known as “biohacking” – the idea of hacking your biology by using modalities such as red light therapy, PEMF, ozone therapy, molecular hydrogen, etc. Joel is also a parent to two young boys. Parenting and marriage are not easy, coupled with running several businesses. Sharing these stories and interviewing experts in relationships and parenting is also a huge interest of Joel. This podcast is all about becoming 1% better each day. What if you got an idea from a guest that completely changed the way you thought about something, changed a relationship with a significant other, or got you out of a health crisis you were suffering from? What would that be worth to you? That’s what this podcast is about.

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