The Media Are Losing Their Own Immoral Competition

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York announced on Twitter that for sale are “New York Tough” posters, personally commissioned by the governor himself, depicting the state’s response to the virus as being “Smart, United, Disciplined and Loving.” The scene includes state residents working together to flatten the curve by pulling a rope down over the peak of a mountain (“The Power of ‘We’”) and a celebration of the state’s response from the making of hand sanitizer to mask-wearing. A rainbow reading “Love Wins” graces the peak, directly below Cuomo’s quoting of himself: “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics! Get Smart!”

The naval-gazing is truly extraordinary, particularly when considering the actual data out of New York.

As of Wednesday, …

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The Media Narrative Comes Full Circle

According to the media, the last several months have played out like this: President Donald Trump, alone, didn’t take the COVID-19 outbreak in America seriously enough at the outset. He downplayed the severity of the virus, forwarded conspiracy theories, and resisted the necessary action being advocated by no fewer than all of his Democratic counterparts. Eventually, Democratic governors nationwide were forced to take matters into their own hands, shutting down local economies in a federally-unsupported effort to save lives. Red-state governors, beginning in May, reopened after determining that jobs were more important than lives. When George Floyd was killed on Memorial Day, the nation began engaging in “mostly” peaceful protesting. And now that infection rates have risen in states across …

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Health Beat, Ep: 028 – Change Your Situation

In this episode host Brian Hazelgren talks about situations we find ourselves in.  What are some situations are we experiencing right now, Covid19, Riots and how can change our situation?  Brian also discusses the importance of coming up with some kind of routine to keep us on course. 

“Sometimes you actually have to force some kind of change in your mind and even in your personal situation. I’ve learned in like, for example, in the corporate world or atmosphere. We have to adapt and change. And sometimes there’s crisis mode that we have to go into. Other times we can relax and build for the future. Other times we have to just have a strategic plan and follow the plan,

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Is There a Plan to Radically Restructure America?

If every crisis is an opportunity, then right now lawmakers are enjoying the occasion of a lifetime. Until several months ago, the United States had the strongest economy in world history. Those who make political hay by decrying economic disparities and critiquing the “rigged system” were finding their prospects increasingly bleak. But then came the most catastrophic black swan event in history.

Tens of thousands of Americans have died from the novel coronavirus. Thirty-six million Americans are unemployed. Parents are lining up at food banks to feed their families. Presently we sit paralyzed in a pivotal moment in time, with American suffering being weighed against American suffering to adjudicate which course of action hurts least.

On the surface, there …

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