Ep: 236 – Autonomous Systems with Dr. Hans Mumm

Dr. Mumm, is a US Army Veteran, an Author and international Speaker.  Some Iraq Veterans may remember early on in 2003 the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards, The 55 Most wanted List” … Hans Mumm is created those.  When it comes to autonomous systems, UAV’s there are very few people in the world that know as much as Dr. Mumm.

How much do YOU really know about, UAV’s, drones, Humanoids etc? Did you know that Russia has already sent a humanoid robot to space? There are so many things going on in the world right now with autonomous systems and the United States is nowhere near the top of it.  Why is this all important?  Take a listen as Dr. Mumm …

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Congressional Record to one of our Nations Heroes, Dr. Hans Mumm

We recently had the honor to witness a friend, Dr. Hans Mumm, receive recognition for his government service as both military and a civilian. Some of you might remember the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards, Top 55 most wanted List”… That was Dr. Hans Mumm creation.  Dr. Mumm has done some amazing things over the years.. Watch the video as Congressman Rob Wittman does a presentation of Legislation Honoring Dr. Hans Mumm.…

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