Ep: 236 – Autonomous Systems with Dr. Hans Mumm

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Ep: 236 - Autonomous Systems with Dr. Hans Mumm

Dr. Mumm, is a US Army Veteran, an Author and international Speaker.  Some Iraq Veterans may remember early on in 2003 the “Iraqi Regime Playing Cards, The 55 Most wanted List” … Hans Mumm is created those.  When it comes to autonomous systems, UAV’s there are very few people in the world that know as much as Dr. Mumm.

How much do YOU really know about, UAV’s, drones, Humanoids etc? Did you know that Russia has already sent a humanoid robot to space? There are so many things going on in the world right now with autonomous systems and the United States is nowhere near the top of it.  Why is this all important?  Take a listen as Dr. Mumm explains.

Here is a clip from the show…

Rwanda, Africa, and it’s actually operating extremely well. They have some very interesting aircraft they’re flying. They’re including some aircrafts that basically fly without human intervention. So they end up getting their instructions on the packages they deliver. So they’re actually delivering things like plasma and other things. Interestingly enough, one of the things that they’re finding that they need to be able to deliver is international paperwork. So if you have if you have bills of lading, or if you have international paperwork, a lot of that still actually asked to have a physical wet signature on it, well, if you’re going to send a courier from your law office, on you know, some vehicle and try to send them out to the ship. In order to move that paperwork, when you’re dealing in a country that may not be quite secure, such as Rwanda, Africa, your courier will probably lose his little moped along the way. So what they’re finding is, is if they actually use UAV’s, then they’ll have that problem. It’s faster, it’s easier, it’s more secure. And the way the UAVs are actually functioning is that they actually have the ability to recharge themselves to inductive charging.


For more articles or to get order one of Dr. Mumm’s books, go to his website at https://www.hansmumm.com

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