Ep: 018 – Wake Up Strategy

Host Brian Hazelgren talks about the two mindful practices, Formal and Informal and discusses the “Wake Up Strategy”. Wake Up Strategy – “A way to wake you, come alive, be aware of your surroundings and help you maintain a positive outlook throughout the day.”  

Wake Up Strategy is a big key to learn how to focus and observe what’s going on in your life. How do YOU get engaged with your own Wake Up Strategy?.. Listen to find out!  

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Ep: 017 – Organic, Natural Skincare – Part II

Take a listen as we get into PART II of Organic, Natural Skincare with Host Brian Hazelgren. In this episode Brian continues his discussion with Dr. Amir Kitron and Michelle Harthill, CMO at Rx2Live, about how to keep the largest organ of the body Healthy. …

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Ep: 016 – Organic, Natural Skincare

How do you keep the largest organ of the body Healthy? Are you using skincare products right now? Taking care of your skin is important and sometimes you need a little extra help.  Listen in as host Brian Hazelgren sits down and talks with Dr. Amir Kitron and Rx2Live Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Harthill about the kind of skincare products you should be using right now, to keep your skin healthy.

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Ep: 015 – Herbal Solutions for Reducing Stress

Do you find yourself stressed?  What causes your stress, Poor Diet, Social Media, Lack of sleep?  What do you do to combat stress?  Take a listen to this episode as host Brian Hazelgren walks you through how to fight stress with some ancient herbal solutions. …

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Ep: 014 – Deeply Rooted CEO, Sean Rosza

Great new episode from ‘Health Beat’  This show is about healthily living and over all well-being.  Learn to reduce pain, Healthcare cost and products that will help you live a healthy optimal life.  In this episode host ….. Sits down and talks with Sean Rosza, CEO of Deeply Rooted to discuss CBD products and how they are used and the benefits it has. …

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