Health Beat, Ep: 031 – Overcoming Fear and Recognizing Patterns

What does it mean, “overcoming fear?” Also ask yourself what patterns you follow in life.  Take a listen as Host Brian Hazelgren talks about overcoming fear of failure and understanding the power of patterns. When you start to form patterns you will start to fail less.  Take a look at your life right now and ask yourself, what patters are you following and are they getting you to where you want to be?  Your Life should be a statement, use your “failures” as stepping stones to get you to where YOU want to go.

Let me as well you ask yourself this, what has been your biggest failure so far your life’s adventure. We all can think of failures, so

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Health Beat, Ep: 029 – Innovation In A Pandemic

What’s your thought on Innovation? There’s some really smart, clever people in all industries of all ages that are highly motivated. They want to solve these serious problems that we’re facing with COVID-19. And those ideas are going to come from those who have experience. And that’s the 50 plus population. I think it opens up a whole new world for the 50 plus population, to figure out what type of job they want to do going forward. From hospitality to technology to even healthcare and the industry that I’m in. I mean, look what’s even been done with a UV light as a cleansing agent in hotels and resorts and cruise lines and airplanes. Look what people are doing …

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Health Beat, Ep: 027 – Benefits of Opposition

In this episode host Brian Hazelgren continues a bit about maintaining a positive outlook on life and then dives in with the benefits of opposition.  You will always be faced with some kind of opposition in life, the key is to use it to your advantage. He shares a few stories about how some made it work for them. 

In a small Italian town hundreds of years ago, a small business owner owed a large sum of money to a loan shark.

The loan shark was a very old unattractive looking fellow.  That just so happened to really take a fancy or like the business owners daughter, he decided to offer the businessman a deal that would completely wipe out the debt …

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Health Beat, Ep: 026 – Inspiring Stories

Health Beat, YOUR Health Habit zone for all things Health and wellness. In this episode Host Brian Hazelgren shares some stories that are inspiring and teaches us the importance of not giving up.  Here is one of the stories he shares…

The first one is called Shark Bait. Shark Bait is the name of this first story. And it was during a research experiment that our marine biologists placed a shark into a large holding tank, and then release several small bait fish into the tank. As you probably would expect, the shark quickly swam around the tank attacked and ate over the smaller fish. The marine biologist inserted a strong piece of clear fiberglass into the take and it

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Ep: 024 – Stop Brain Drain

What are some bad habits that Drain the Brain? In this episode, Host Brian Hazelgren helps you better understand how YOU can stop dinging your brain. We live in a world of Hyper-connectivity and it is taking its toll on our brains, feels like we are getting rewired and life as we know it (At least our Nero pathways) are being chipped away because of the things we experience day in and day out…It’s making us slower.

What drains the brain? Brian talks about several things that are draining starting with Inactivity, which cause mental decline. Another is multitasking… YES, multitask.  Most people think that is they multitask they are getting more done, take a listen to hear what he …

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