Health Beat, Ep: 029 – Innovation In A Pandemic

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Heroes Media Group Network
Health Beat, Ep: 029 - Innovation In A Pandemic

What’s your thought on Innovation? There’s some really smart, clever people in all industries of all ages that are highly motivated. They want to solve these serious problems that we’re facing with COVID-19. And those ideas are going to come from those who have experience. And that’s the 50 plus population. I think it opens up a whole new world for the 50 plus population, to figure out what type of job they want to do going forward. From hospitality to technology to even healthcare and the industry that I’m in. I mean, look what’s even been done with a UV light as a cleansing agent in hotels and resorts and cruise lines and airplanes. Look what people are doing to conduct business just by using webinars to get their message across. We’re doing that every day. We’re using webinars in our business all the time. So, I think that one thing that is overlooked, quite often is that people have resilience. And sometimes it’s that resilience that we don’t even know that we have. And it’s that resilience that will adjust to the new normal. 

Let’s talk about some of your innovative ideas.  Comment below your idea. 

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