Ep: 218 – LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve, Ed Fisher, Col, (Ret)

In this episode, I talk with Ed Fisher, Col, (Ret) and Founder of LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve. (https://www.leekpreserve.org/) Their mission: 

Provide a friendly handicap-accessible camp environment and therapeutic outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, LEEK believes in encouraging our wounded heroes to focus on their abilities, without compromising their current physical limitations.

They work with roughly 60-70 veterans a year and looking to expand that. When asked how it all got started Ed said he was reading an article in Field and Stream about an organization that taught Vietnam Veterans how to fly fish…

I read that article and I just said, you know what, I can do something like this. My wife and I just recently

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Ep: 014 – Hunting 101 with Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer is a West Jordan Fire Captain and an avid hunter. When Jason is not working at the fire department he’s working part-time as a hobby in a small gun store called Gallenson’s in Salt Lake City Utah.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Jason Spencer this afternoon to discuss hunting 101. We talked about the many different life lessons that can be learned as a hunter, how to pick the best rifle for any small to large game found in America, and the importance that hunting plays in preserving the wildlife we love. Remember to check with your state Game and Fish Department.

I hope you enjoy this conversation hunting and those of you that have not …

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Firearms Education and more from The Arms Room Show

The Arms Room Show – A weekly internet radio show that broadcasts Live from Phoenix, AZ every Monday from 10-11:00 am. This show talks about firearms, training, emergency response, current military operations, survival, self-defense and hunting. Some would think this show just serves the armed community but it’s so much more then that! It serves those with the knowledge, confidence and the ones willing to learn!

Military, law enforcement and civilian firearm owners and carriers are certainly a big part of their audience.  However, soccer moms and perhaps those that have never touched a firearm can get great value from listening.

This show is one that is growing in popularity around the country fast!  The show has something to offer …

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