Ep: 218 – LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve, Ed Fisher, Col, (Ret)

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 218 - LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve, Ed Fisher, Col, (Ret)

In this episode, I talk with Ed Fisher, Col, (Ret) and Founder of LEEK Hunting and Mountain Preserve. (https://www.leekpreserve.org/) Their mission: 

Provide a friendly handicap-accessible camp environment and therapeutic outdoor activities like hunting and fishing, LEEK believes in encouraging our wounded heroes to focus on their abilities, without compromising their current physical limitations.

They work with roughly 60-70 veterans a year and looking to expand that. When asked how it all got started Ed said he was reading an article in Field and Stream about an organization that taught Vietnam Veterans how to fly fish…

I read that article and I just said, you know what, I can do something like this. My wife and I just recently purchased a piece of land up in Potter County. So, I wrote the business plan up and figured out what we’d had to do to make this happened. And my wife and I committed to it and here we are, 12 years later, just strong as ever, providing hunts and outdoor recreation opportunities for wounded injured veterans” ~Ed Fisher

We discuss more about LEEK and the open house it holds each year, companies that get involved and what some of the new things they have coming over the next few years.  If you would like to volunteer or get involved you can contact them from their website (Click Here)

We wrap up the show with Ed sharing his “down that cliff” Decision Hour he had to make in a faraway land many years ago. 

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