Ep: 008 – Kundalini Practitioner, Karisa Johnson

Karisa Johnson, lovingly known as “Kundalini”. Karisa is the creator of The Elevation Tool Box. It is a methodology that helps people better manage their emotions and stress. It is a set of tools that help balance the brain, strengthen the immune system, strengthen the central nervous system and more.  These tools can travel with you anywhere, learn more on how these tools can help you! …

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Ep: 007 – Jennifer Whitacre

In this episode John sits down and talks with Jennifer Whitacre.  Jennifer is a empowerment strategist, Trauma Specialist and an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist.  Jennifer also hosts her own podcast called “Yes, And…” 

This is “The Caterpillar: Experiencing Trauma & Finding Coherence~ You Butterfly Wings” 

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