4 Unfashionable Truths about Police Shootings

Lately we hear from many within the media and the Democratic Party that the United States is an endemically and systemically racist country, and that law enforcement is among the greatest threats to black lives. This narrative has been carefully promulgated over the past several years, beginning in earnest with the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. It was in the aftermath of that killing that many institutions, including the Washington Post, began compiling data on police shootings.

These data, of course, give the lie to the prevailing narrative.

1. White Suspects Are Shot By Police At Far Higher Rates Than Black Suspects. According to the Washington Post database, in 2015, 49 percent of suspects …

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Ep: 221 – Host of ‘On The Blue Line Podcast’ Mr. Wayne Mulder

I got to sit down with my friend and #CommunityHero Mr. Wayne Mulder. Wayne works in Law Enforcement and has a podcast called ‘On The Blue Line’ (Listen Here) it’s a podcast about doing life well. Designed and hosted by those who actively serve in law enforcement, this podcast is geared to help you find success in what really matters, your life outside the badge. 

Take a listen as Wayne Mulder shares some stories with us and when asked why he got into Law Enforcement, Wayne says: 

“Well, it’s really in line with exactly what we were just talking about. So there were two things I saw it being that I came into law enforcement a little bit

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Ep: 021 – Kim Bowerman

Today on WVSJ Network Connects: Our host Army Veteran and CEO of WVSJ Network BriGette McCoy shares a conversation with Army Veteran Kim Bowerman, former Drill Sergeant and Law Enforcement officer about why she joined the military, dual military service with her spouse and her reasons for military transition decision. Kim shares the ups and downs of her experiences and her love for education mentoring and coaching others in their careers.   Listen in on the conversation of two women veteran sharing life experiences and military service. 

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