How the Left-Wing Media May Take Down Joe Biden

On Monday, the Electoral College voted 306-232 to elect Joe Biden president of the United States on behalf of the American people. Now that President-elect Biden is in, the challenge for our left-wing media and political class is going to be getting him out.

Remember that Joe Biden was the Trojan horse for the radical leftist-types to get inside the White House, not the poster boy for their agenda. The people who spent the weeks prior to the election actively suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal didn’t do so because they wanted Joe Biden in. They did it because they wanted President Donald Trump out. With that objective accomplished, the new aim, presumably, must be installing Kamala Harris as president.…

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How The Mainstream Media tried to take down a Decorated Navy SEAL, Chief Eddie Gallagher

Authors Note:

I have reached out to Dave Phillips of the New York Times hundreds of times in the last few months for comment on this story. I wanted to have a conversation about his reporting on the Eddie Gallagher case, and his far out assumptions and slander. Phillips, and many of his New York Times colleagues refused comment. Many SEALs commented to me on background with the promise I would not use their names. No names appear in this story. On June 1st, 2020 Eddie Gallagher filed suit against the Times.


The best and worst thing to ever happen to Chief Eddie Gallagher was the President Of The United States taking up his case. On One hand, President …

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The Media Are Losing Their Own Immoral Competition

On Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York announced on Twitter that for sale are “New York Tough” posters, personally commissioned by the governor himself, depicting the state’s response to the virus as being “Smart, United, Disciplined and Loving.” The scene includes state residents working together to flatten the curve by pulling a rope down over the peak of a mountain (“The Power of ‘We’”) and a celebration of the state’s response from the making of hand sanitizer to mask-wearing. A rainbow reading “Love Wins” graces the peak, directly below Cuomo’s quoting of himself: “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics! Get Smart!”

The naval-gazing is truly extraordinary, particularly when considering the actual data out of New York.

As of Wednesday, …

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The Media Narrative Comes Full Circle

According to the media, the last several months have played out like this: President Donald Trump, alone, didn’t take the COVID-19 outbreak in America seriously enough at the outset. He downplayed the severity of the virus, forwarded conspiracy theories, and resisted the necessary action being advocated by no fewer than all of his Democratic counterparts. Eventually, Democratic governors nationwide were forced to take matters into their own hands, shutting down local economies in a federally-unsupported effort to save lives. Red-state governors, beginning in May, reopened after determining that jobs were more important than lives. When George Floyd was killed on Memorial Day, the nation began engaging in “mostly” peaceful protesting. And now that infection rates have risen in states across …

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Paid Propaganda Will Be The End of the MSM

By Robert Patrick Lewis

It must be a pretty tough time to be an executive, talking head or “journalist” at one of the MSM networks these days.

Not only are they facing multiple multi-hundred million dollar lawsuits for libeling and attacking teenagers with zero investigation of the truth, were just proven wrong over their collusion delusion antics of the past two years and have record breaking low viewers, but the writing on the wall shows that the worst news of all is about to deliver their coup de grace.

President Trump has taken a lot of heat from the left over comments they claim to be lies, but if you have an attention span longer than that of a fruit …

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