Patti Katter

Ep: 161 – Retro TV Shows and Movies

Its Throw Back Thursday!  Take a listen as we continue our RETRO series. 

In this episode Adam & Patti discuss some of the T.V. shows and Movies they watched growing up.   What are some shows or movies you watched as a kid?…

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Ep: 160 – Privacy

How important is privacy to you?  To your family?  How much privacy do yo really have?  Take a listen as Adam & Patti talk about why privacy is important, things you can do and things to lookout for. 

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Ep: 159 – Retro Video Games

It’s THROWBACK Thursday which mean all things RETRO!  Adam & Patti thought it would be fun to do a Retro series for the next several weeks.  This weeks Throwback… Retro Video Games! 

Now to be clear, we count “Retro” from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  So think back when you were growing up and the video games you used to play.   What are they?  Take a listen to some of our favorites.…

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Ep: 158 – Guilty Pleasures

What are some of your Guilty Pleasures?  In this episode Adam & Patti talk about Guilty Pleasures.  Now, Where does YOUR mind go when you hear “Guilty Pleasures”…  Well take a listen and find out what these two had to say! 

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Ep: 157 – Valentines Day – Romantic or Yuck?

Valentines Day is right around the corner and we want to know what you think of this “Special Day”.

In this episode we talk about what we think of Valentines Day.  Is this day Overrated? Is it the one day you do something nice for that special someone in your life?  

Take a listen and find out what we think! 

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