Ep: 206 – Holiday Show

It’s the Holiday season and the end of the year show.

They have been MIA for several weeks and well, in this episode they explain why.  A lot has been going on, Adam got married… WHAT! Yup, it’s true, he also had surgery, hunting trip and more that he explains what has kept him from doing a show the past several weeks.  Then they get down into the Christmas season, likes and dislikes, some holiday funnies and more.

Adam and Patti also give a heartfelt TAHNK YOU to all of you for joining the new Facebook group and all who continue to listen, THANK YOU.  We will be back early Next Year with some updates and what’s to come in …

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Ep: 199 – What NOT to Say!

The title should say it all, but these two are at it again!  Adam and Patti discuss ’What NOT to Say’ in different scenarios such as, a job interview, a funeral, a first date, your spouse and so much more.  This episode is bound to leave you in tears of laughter. Take a listen and think of somethings ‘What Not to Say’. 

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Ep: 198 – What does GHOSTING mean

When you hear the word “Ghosting” what do you think of?  In this episode, we are going to discuss ghosting.  Not talking about ghosts or some secondary image on a display screen. We are talking about the ghosting someone does in a relationship weather its personal or business. 

You will hear us give some examples from a personal stance but also a business side of things.  QUESTION: Have you worked with someone or another business then all of a sudden, there is no communication? If so, perhaps you got ghosted.  Find out more, tune in and listen.

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Ep: 195 – Healing Through EFT & Hypnotherapy with Shawnda Bauer

Very Special Guest for you today as we talk with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Professional Hypnotherapist, Shawnda Bauer. 

What does EFT and a Hypnotherapist do?  Listen in as Shawnda answers those questions and explains how it all works.  You will also hear Adam’s recent experience with working with Shawnda, what it was like and how it helped him.  Schedule an appointment with Shawnda on her website at http://www.hypnopeace.com

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Ep: 194 – Can History Change?

Can History Change?  That’s the question we discuss in this episode.  How is it that we can Change history.  In the world we live in today we see that school books don’t always tell the same story we learned as kids and with the internet, some things can change with a click of a button.  Or are we wrong?  Can history change? What do you think?

Here’s and article about what happens when you forget history. Click Here

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