Ep:018 – Dentist Glenn Vo moonlights as best-selling Romance author

Glenn Vo is a practicing Dentist who moonlights as a writer. When he is not battling tooth decay and gingivitis, Glenn likes to create romantic stories that warms the heart and soothes the soul. His love for writing came at a young age which led him into journalism at his high school and culminating in a column for his college newspaper. Initially an English major in college, Glenn’s father gave him a financial ultimatum to switch his major to the Health Sciences. Despite this change, he continued to pursue writing while working toward becoming a dentist.  Listen in as host, ShannonWhittington, talks with Glenn Vo about what it took to pursue his dream of becoming a published author and how …

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Ep: 222 – Fall In 360 with Mario Aguirre

BONUS show this week. Mario has been a friend for more than a dozen years, dating back to our time in the National Guard and then working in the veteran community.  He is a fellow podcast host and has a funny show called Fall In 360. Take a listen as we sit down and catch up on what’s going on and mark your calendars for May 5th2020, as a NEW SEASON of Fall In 360 will be live!   Follow him on Facebook

A little about Mario…
Mario A. Aguirre is an Army Veteran of 11 years, having done two tours of Operation Iraqi Freedom he is well aware of the issues and barriers our returning veterans face today.

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Ep: 221 – Host of ‘On The Blue Line Podcast’ Mr. Wayne Mulder

I got to sit down with my friend and #CommunityHero Mr. Wayne Mulder. Wayne works in Law Enforcement and has a podcast called ‘On The Blue Line’ (Listen Here) it’s a podcast about doing life well. Designed and hosted by those who actively serve in law enforcement, this podcast is geared to help you find success in what really matters, your life outside the badge. 

Take a listen as Wayne Mulder shares some stories with us and when asked why he got into Law Enforcement, Wayne says: 

“Well, it’s really in line with exactly what we were just talking about. So there were two things I saw it being that I came into law enforcement a little bit

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Ep: 004 – Intentional Relationships with Special Guest, Cal Walters

This show is titled Intentional relationships, what are your relationships like with your loved ones? What’s your relationship with God? We have a special guest for you in this episode a Mr. Cal Walters.  Cal is a fellow podcast host, his show is called Intentional Living & Leadership, he also has a blog, both can be found on his website (https://www.calwalters.me)   Take a listen as we dive in and discuss Intentional relationships and hear Cal’s incredible story in finding Jesus. 

(25:27) “But that night, I experienced Jesus in a way I’d never experienced before. I didn’t have committed my life to Christ that night. I had a girl who was in the youth group who I had a

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