Ep: 018 – Wake Up Strategy

Host Brian Hazelgren talks about the two mindful practices, Formal and Informal and discusses the “Wake Up Strategy”. Wake Up Strategy – “A way to wake you, come alive, be aware of your surroundings and help you maintain a positive outlook throughout the day.”  

Wake Up Strategy is a big key to learn how to focus and observe what’s going on in your life. How do YOU get engaged with your own Wake Up Strategy?.. Listen to find out!  

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Ep: 009 – Breathing Techniques

Why are breathing techniques so important?  Find out all the benefits as host and CEO of Rx2Live Mr. Brian Hazelgren talks about the importance of breathing techniques and how doing it daily can help you relax, focus, reduce stress and more.  Do you practice breathing techniques?…

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Ep: 128 – Rx2Live, Brian Hazelgren

Join us in this episode as we talk with Brian Hazelgren: author, Motivational Speaker, Talk Show host and so much more.  Tune in as Adam and Patti talk with Brian about his company Rx2Live, which is one of the fastest growing leading franchises in the medical and wellness services field. Also, Brian makes a very special announcement near the end of the show! Listen in to find out what it could be… here’s a teaser, it’s a give away! 

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Ep: 003_Balance

In this episode we discuss BALANCE.  If you have a lot of things going on in life all at once then it’s east to feel out of balance. Not to worry, because there is a plan that you can follow that will help you get your life back in balance.  Do you ever feel out of balance? How do we move forward to achieve our goals in life and try remain balanced?  Take a listen and find out how.





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