Ep: 015 – Herbal Solutions for Reducing Stress

Do you find yourself stressed?  What causes your stress, Poor Diet, Social Media, Lack of sleep?  What do you do to combat stress?  Take a listen to this episode as host Brian Hazelgren walks you through how to fight stress with some ancient herbal solutions. …

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Ep: 176 – Let’s Talk About Stress

This episode is about Stress.  Take a listen and find out what are somethings that cause Stress.  How can you recognize that you are feeling Stressed?  What does stress do to the human body?  Adam & Patti answer these questions and give some personal experiences they have had with Stress and talk about what you can do to help deal with stress.…

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Ep: 011 – Reduce Cortisol Levels Part I

Its time for Health Beat! Your healthy habit zone, everything you need to know to live a healthier lifestyle.  In this episode Brian talks about Cortisol levels.

What is Cortisol?

What does it have to do with stress? And what are some natural ways to reduce your cortisol levels.

Take a listen to in to find the answers and more of Part 1 of 3… Reduce Cortisol Levels…

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