Ep: 007 – Jennifer Whitacre

In this episode John sits down and talks with Jennifer Whitacre.  Jennifer is a empowerment strategist, Trauma Specialist and an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist.  Jennifer also hosts her own podcast called “Yes, And…” 

This is “The Caterpillar: Experiencing Trauma & Finding Coherence~ You Butterfly Wings” 

Take a listen.

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Ep: 002 – John Krotec – Sergeant, United States Army (1986-1989)

Sgt. John Krotec served in the United States Army from 1986 to 1989. After 23 years, he decided to sell his successful Florida based mountaineering business, and begin chasing his passion of telling stories, building communities, and bridging gaps. 

He is Founder and CEO of Greenzone Hero, A Business Directory that Provides Proven Strategies and Tools to Companies that Honor Freedom.

John is also the Founder and host of Straight Outta Combat Radio, a podcast aimed at providing a platform for combat Vets to tell their stories and remove the negative stigma currently held by combat veterans in society today.

He also started a worldwide initiative called Task Force Zen which is designed to help people heal without labels from …

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Ep: 004 – Bruno Barbieri

Great show lined up for you as I sit down and talk with Bruno Barbieri! Bruno is an international entrepreneur, investor and the founder & CEO of The Green Life APP. We are talking and educating you on Medical Marijuana & Hemp! Tune in! …

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