Ep: 013 – Sparks of Hope: Navigating Others Through Trauma

Our guest for this episode is Sha Sparks. Sha is the CEO and Founder of ‘Sparks of Hope’ (https://shasparks.com) she is a coach, business consultant, speaker, author and podcaster.

“Being an overcomer of abuse, addiction, depression, anger, low self worth, being a bully and being bullied, Sha Sparks has taken her own personal traumatic experiences and transformed her life into a treasure. 

As a speaker, coach, author, and podcast host, she empowers other trauma survivors to invest in themselves by peeling away the layers of the onion that we are and heal. Then she guides them to breakthrough fear by transforming their trauma into treasure in order to find their true purpose.” …

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Ep: 010 – Improving Humanity: Visioning A University of Consciousness

Dr. Rick Strassman is a Medical Research Doctor from Los Angeles. He’s best known for his book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. With degrees from Stanford and Albert Einstein School of Medicine — Yeshiva University, he’s been able to publish 30 peer reviewed papers as well as complete a 10-year stint as a tenured professor at the University of New Mexico.

During his time at UNM, Dr. Strassman performed clinical research that investigated the Pineal Gland hormone melatonin before earning the first government grant given out in over 20 years for the research of psychedelics where he conducted a DMT study between 1995-2008. He’s been a consultant to the US Food and Drug Administration as well as doing work with the …

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Ep: 007 – Jennifer Whitacre

In this episode John sits down and talks with Jennifer Whitacre.  Jennifer is a empowerment strategist, Trauma Specialist and an Expert Myofascial Release Therapist.  Jennifer also hosts her own podcast called “Yes, And…” 

This is “The Caterpillar: Experiencing Trauma & Finding Coherence~ You Butterfly Wings” 

Take a listen.

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