Ep: 183 – Mind Shift Vol.4 – Slay your Demons

When you hear the word Demons, what do you think of?  We all have things we struggle with in our own lives and sometimes, some of those things are hard to get over.  We call these things our demons.   What are your Demons?   Whatever they might be, talk with someone about them.  Remember you are never alone.  

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Ep: 181 – Mind Shift Vol.2 – ASSume

In this episode we talk about how we as people “ASSUME”  things.  There are so many ways we can ASSume things, reading something, watching the news, people watching, WHATEVER!  Take a listen to some of the examples we share and add you own.  Over all lesson here… Make the decision to NOT ASSume things. …

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Ep: 180 – Mind Shift Vol.1 – Jealousy

Have you ever been jealous of anything before? Maybe a friend gets a new Truck or Boat, or that girlfriend got new expensive clothes or new house.  There could be millions of reasons of being jealous, but what is that doing for you?  Take a listen as we discuss “Jealousy” as part of our MIND SHIFT series. …

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