The Decision Hour, Ep: 223 – Stephanie Narita, CEO of GFI Apparel

On this week’s episode of The Decision Hour I am joined by the CEO of GFI Apparel, StephanieNarita. 

Stephanie Narita is the current CEO of GFI Apparel (, a former military spouse with more than a decade of experience in Human Resources, Office Management and Business Acquisitions. She returned to school in 2018, after deciding she wanted to shift her focus towards Health and Education. Her overall aspiration is to become a doctor for high risk children and she is set to graduate from Arizona State University in the Fall of 2020. From there she will apply for medical school and is setting her eyes towards UCSD or UC Irvine.  

Take a listen as she shares her story …

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Ep: 219 – Emotional Sobriety with Special Guest, Dr. Andrea Vitz

My guest for this week’s show is a Emotional Sobriety Educator, a Doctor of Chiropractic, Life & Relationship Coach and Strength & Rehabilitation Expert and is the CEO of Levelheaded Doc LLC, Dr. Andrea Vitz. 

What Andrea has created is something really special, she has a created an Emotional Sobriety workshop and has a new book out called “The You You’ve Never Met” How to stop experiencing pain and chaos in all of your relationships by Sobering up, Emotionally Speaking.  (

When asked what is “Emotional Sobriety” she said… “when we think of sobriety we usually think about somebody who’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol; and sobriety actually has a lot of different meanings that have nothing to …

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Ep: 216 – Warriors On The Water Limited

How many people like to fish or just be in the great outdoors?  In this week’s episode I sit down and talk with my friends and the founders of Warriors on the Water Limited, Jim and Gina!  I met Jim and Gina last year the Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA and we hit it off.  You will hear a little bit about their backgrounds, Jim is a Marine and Gina’s grandfather a WWII veteran.  Their vision for Warriors on the Water Limited, to provide programs that will help in adding peace and stress free for bonding with family, friends & others.  To participate in outdoor therapeutic activities such as, fishing, boating, canoeing & kayaking. To HONOR our Warriors.  Great group …

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Ep: 206 – Holiday Show

It’s the Holiday season and the end of the year show.

They have been MIA for several weeks and well, in this episode they explain why.  A lot has been going on, Adam got married… WHAT! Yup, it’s true, he also had surgery, hunting trip and more that he explains what has kept him from doing a show the past several weeks.  Then they get down into the Christmas season, likes and dislikes, some holiday funnies and more.

Adam and Patti also give a heartfelt TAHNK YOU to all of you for joining the new Facebook group and all who continue to listen, THANK YOU.  We will be back early Next Year with some updates and what’s to come in …

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Ep: 200 – Astral Projection (Out of Body Experiences)

We got a crazy episode for you in this one we talk about Astral Projection ………………………. (Out of Body Experiences)……………………. 

Yup, you  read that right.  Have you ever had an Astral Projection? Do you remember what it was like?  Have you ever tried having an out of body experience?  Well in this episode we share some of our experiences with you and what we think it means.  Take a listen. 

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