Ep: 191 – Sean Litzenberger, Founder at Delirious Life.org

In this episode we talk with Navy veteran and Founder of DeliriousLife.org Mr. Sean Litzenberger. 

Take a listen as Sean talks about his transition from the military and how working out on a “Sunday FunDay” lead to the creation of Delirious Life.org.  Sean is a financial advisor by day but always looking to help others.  If you are in the San Diego California area OR in Springfield, Missouri areas then gout out with a group at the park on a weekend. 

For “Sunday Funday” locations check out www.DeliriousLife.org

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Ep: 188 – Patti Katter

We FINALLY got Patti in the hot seat!  In this episode, Adam interviews Patti and you get to hear something about her you don’t know. Patti, talks a little bit about her upbringing, a little about her family life and you get to hear about all the great things she is doing.  Patti has a big heart and knows a lot of people. Take a listen and get to know Patti more.  

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Ep: 185 – Mind Shift Vol. 6 – Breaking Out of Your Box

How many times in life have you felt like you were trapped in a box?  What was the cause?  Maybe you are in a box right now looking for a way out. Well now is the time to make that Decision, it’s time to “Break Out of Your Box”  In this episode we continue with our Mind Shift Series and discuss “Breaking Out Of Your Box”

We share some personal experiences when we feel boxed in and offer some insight on things we do to help Break Out Of Your Box.   Take a listen. 

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