Ep: 233 – Semper Savage Founder, John Currie

Marine Corps Pilot who was on a quest for a great salad dressing.  Tune in as this week’s guest is John Currie the founder of Semper Savage.  John spent 23 years in the United States Marine Corps, during that time he had a personal mission to create a salad dressing that he really enjoyed. Find out how the business got started.  When asked how this idea first take shape, John said…

“I was a I was probably in middle school when I started just naturally to really enjoy salad because there was a couple of restaurants that we used to eat at my family would go to eat at Yeah, and had awesome homemade salad dressing and so there was

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Marco DeLaRosa was stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1993, when he was attempting to stop a robbery outside the base and was shot in the back. The bullet, which is still in his back, injured his spinal cord at the T4/T5 levels, leaving the now medically retired Marine Corporal a paraplegic. The Marine Corps veteran has been a quick study in para shooting after giving the sport a try at an event in 2014. In his first competition at the National Veteran Wheelchair Games, he bested the field by more than 100 points. He made a splash at his IPC debut in 2015 at the World Cup in Fort Benning, Georgia, and finished second at the 2016 World Cup in …

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The Journey Home Project and The HELMINERON FIFTEEN (HM-15)

Daytona, FL – Heroes Media Group, LLC.

NASCAR Fans this is another big week as the cars find themselves at the Daytona International Speedway.  IF you have been following us then you know we work close with our team family over at Mike Harmon Racing in the Xfinity Series. Today is the Coca-Cola Firecracker 250 and the NASCAR Salutes Race.  The team is looking hot and ready to go as today was very special, because the car was escorted by members of the HSM-60 Jaguars squadron and Sgt. Brandon Stevenson, USMC.  On the windshield, today we honor the HELMINERON FIFTEEN (HM-15) and on the hood, you will see The Journey Home Project.  If this doesn’t give you goosebumps …

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What you need to know about Life for 22 Productions

What do you know about PTSD? Life for 22 Productions is a company that is helping educate people on what PTSD is.  Founded by United States Marine Veteran Bruce Beasley who encountered, dealt with and succeeded his own experience.  Bruce created Life for 22 Productions to capture the stories of people and their experience with PTSD so that it may help someone who is going through it weather it’s a friend, loved one or perhaps themselves.

PTSD seems to be talked more and more over the past few years due to the increased number of military veterans coming home from war but it can happen to anyone that has gone through a traumatic experience.  Life for 22 Productions website http://www.lifefor22productions.com

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