Ep: 233 – Semper Savage Founder, John Currie

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 233 - Semper Savage Founder, John Currie

Marine Corps Pilot who was on a quest for a great salad dressing.  Tune in as this week’s guest is John Currie the founder of Semper Savage.  John spent 23 years in the United States Marine Corps, during that time he had a personal mission to create a salad dressing that he really enjoyed. Find out how the business got started.  When asked how this idea first take shape, John said…

“I was a I was probably in middle school when I started just naturally to really enjoy salad because there was a couple of restaurants that we used to eat at my family would go to eat at Yeah, and had awesome homemade salad dressing and so there was two or three places and then fast forward just so I started to see That I couldn’t find on the shelf in the grocery store anything like what was in the, the salad dressings that I really enjoyed the restaurants, right? So it was a problem for me. And it I did I ate a ton of salad and so I kind of became passionate about it and it was this just kind of liked it. You know, most kids want to go home and I don’t know eat beef jerky or something. I wanted to have a salad.” ~John~ 




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