Ep: 002 – Author, Gamble Dick

Gamble Dick is the author of “A Glorious Nightmare in 64 Shades of Green”. He is a Vietnam veteran, and his story is about his first tour during the Vietnam War. Gamble will make you laugh, cry and you’ll even get angry. During our interview, you get a glimpse into the life of Gamble and what led him to write his story – as well as what writing his story did for him.…

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Ep: 196 – VetConnect founder, Mr. Zack Starr

This episode is based on an Inspiring True Story, listen in as one man shares his 2,650-mile journey through darkness. Our special guest for this episode is the founder of VetConnect Network, U.S. Navy Veteran, Mr. Zack Starr.   

Tune in as Zack takes you on “The Epic Mile”, his journey from Mexico to Canada on foot.  Hear what he learned on the trail, how he overcame a shoulder injury and how opening a garage door saved his life.   Zack Starr is also the founder of the VetConnect Network, a nonprofit with a goal of reconnecting veterans to hope, purpose and resources through film, art and media.  Check out his website at VetConnect.us

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Female Combat Veteran overcomes Military Sexual Trauma to become a VA Whistleblower

Specialist Laura Hartman served in the United States Army between the years of 2004 to 2006 before being medically retired.  Her story starts with the survival of a suicide attempt at 12 years old. That event and several near death experiences later pushed her to become a human rights advocate and exploiter of corruption.

She’s currently attending The Institute for Lifelong Learning International to awaken everyday Americans to the corrupt systems in place which disallows all humans to flourish. Becoming a Science of Mind Practitioner with The Association for Global New Thought Leaders is in alignment with the difference in thought she has always carried, which has always been one of her most cherished gifts.

On August 10th, 2005 Laura …

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Ep: 177 – Rollors CEO, Matt Butler

We have a fun show for you today as we talk with U.S. Air Force Veteran and CEO of Rollors, (www.rollors.com) Mr. Matt Butler!  Matt shares about his time in the Military and explains how the idea of Rollors came to life on a deployment overseas.  

Rollors Mission: Inspire people to unplug, have fun & create positive memorable experiences. You can find the hottest outdoor yard game in the world right now, ROLLORS on Amazon, or in stores like Dicks, Shields, REI or Gander order yours today!

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Ep: 175 – Heather Dopson, USAF Veteran & International Public Speaker

Great show for you today as we have United States Air Force Veteran, former Police officer, GoDaddy Community Builder and International Public Speaker, Heather Dopson.

Heather Dopson gets asked to speak all over the world and when she does, she keeps it Raw and Real! “Seek to make an impact, not Influence”. Take a listen and get to know Heather better, hear some of her stories and pay close attention to her ‘Decision Hour’.  Grab a pen, take notes, you don’t want to miss this. …

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