Heroes Publish Presents: Tactical Pause with AJ Powell

On this episode I sit down with my good friend AJ Powell. We discuss his first book ‘Tactical Pause’ which just so happens to be published by Heroes Media Groups publishing department. I asked AJ, “When you were active duty, did you have a mentor? A senior Petty Officer or Chief Petty Officer that you looked up to, who guided you, showed you what right looked like, and helped you progress?”

We ALL need a mentor like that in our lives, to help us grow personally and professionally, to reach and exceed our potentials, and move on to accomplish great and meaningful things in our lives…

NonCommissioned Officers and Petty Officers are ALL supposed to be able to do 5 …

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Marco DeLaRosa was stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1993, when he was attempting to stop a robbery outside the base and was shot in the back. The bullet, which is still in his back, injured his spinal cord at the T4/T5 levels, leaving the now medically retired Marine Corporal a paraplegic. The Marine Corps veteran has been a quick study in para shooting after giving the sport a try at an event in 2014. In his first competition at the National Veteran Wheelchair Games, he bested the field by more than 100 points. He made a splash at his IPC debut in 2015 at the World Cup in Fort Benning, Georgia, and finished second at the 2016 World Cup in …

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Whistleblower Shares His Story

Ep: 010 – Whistleblower Shares His Story with Dr. Jason Piccolo

Whistleblower Shares His Story – Dr. Jason Piccolo has authored 2 books: Out of the Shadows: A Government Whistleblower’s Firsthand Account of How The Protection Of Migrant Children Became A Political Firestorm and Unwavering: A Border Agent’s Journey. 

As a U.S. Army veteran and federal agent, Dr. Piccolo has a unique perspective on what really happens at the U.S. border. In this episode, Jason shares why he chose to write his book and the events leading up to him becoming a Whistleblower on child refugee policy.

You can checkout Jason’s website at jasonpiccolo.us

For more information about our show, click HERE

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Challenge Extended, Ep: 004 – The South Pole with Cameron Kerr

Retired U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant Cameron Kerr deployed with the 101st Airborne division to Afghanistan. In February 2011, with one month left in his deployment, Kerr stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), resulting in the loss of his left leg below the knee and earning him a Purple Heart. Just nine months after his injury, Kerr re-learned to snowboard, as an amputee, with Disabled Sports USA. It launched him into other adventures most people would only dare to undertake. In early January 2020, Cameron Kerr continued to redefine disability and disabled veterans with a trek to Antarctica by skiing the last 60 nautical miles to the South Pole, with the 2041 Foundation.

Before we chat with Cameron …

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Ep: 208 – Special Guest, Dr. Jason Piccolo

A very Special episode, as we have #CommunityHero Dr. Jason Piccolo joining us.  Dr. Piccolo is an U.S. Army Veteran, a former special agent and supervisor with the Department of Homeland Security, a former U.S. Border Patrol agent near the Mexico Border and went on to work with the prestigious White House Security Council’s Human Smuggling Cell. 

Jason is an Author. His books, Out of the Shadows: A government Whistleblower’s Firsthand Account of How The Protection Of Migrant Children Became A Political Firestorm and Unwavering: A Border Agent’s Journey can be purchased on Amazon. We talk about the books a little bit in this interview and how they came to be.

Jason is also a podcaster with an amazing show …

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