Ep: 003 -Army Officer and Military Combat Veteran Creates Organization to Prevent Veteran Suicide

Episode 03: Ellsworth “Tony” Williams – Colonel, United States Army (1979-1986; 1989-2007)

Tony Williams is a retired combat veteran who served 24 years, active duty in the United States Army; 8 years enlisted and 16 years commissioned. 

Tony is the current President and Founder of Veterans Counseling Veterans, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization out of Tampa Bay, FL. 

It aims at serving two primary functions:

– (1) provide military veterans the option to select behavioral health providers with military experience 

– (2) provide a place for military veterans and spouses of military veterans in behavioral health field to collaborate, share ideas, network and advocate for those who share the same military experiences.

After his time in the service came to a …

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