Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 013 – Books with positive take-aways?

Which books have given you the most lasting positive take-aways?

The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.

  • Albert Einstein


To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.

  • Victor Hugo


Success leaves clues.

  • Tony Robbins


We have access to the greatest thinkers in history. We can consult with them at any time- it has never been easier than in this modern era. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own, there is nearly always someone who has gone down the path you are currently on and has written down some gold and left signposts on a pathway to …

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Broken & Blessed, Ep: 020 – Self-Help

Another passionate conversation on Broken & Blessed.  This week’s topic is all about Self-help. What does self-help mean and what does it look like to you?  Take a listen as the guys don’t hold back on what THEY each think “Self-Help” means.

“So please understand where I come from, in the sense of Yeah, it’s okay to read those books. But we got to be careful. Because those books want you to reward yourself and pat yourself on the back of good job, you did this. And if that’s the case, Christ didn’t need to die on the cross, or not the fact that he didn’t need to, you’re slapping him in the face, saying, I don’t need you to

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Ep: 235 – NAVY PADDLES with Kyle and Melinda Nyseth

Had a great time talking with Kyle and Melinda Nyseth the founders of Navy Paddles (  Navy Paddles provides unique and customized handmade memorabilia wooden products to military, fire and police to serve as a way of “Honoring their Achievements and Remembering Milestones”. It is truly a “Craft of Honor” that allows Nyseth to stay connected to the military community that was his family for so long and to continue to serve others that are sacrificing so much.   Take a listen as to how it all got started!


Navy Paddles is the largest customized paddle company in North America and has branched out to providing several unique custom memorabilia items. They create high quality items such as a …

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Veterans Unite, Ep: 026 – [email protected] with Jason Perry

In this episode WE got to talk with Jason Perry. Jason was a Seal for 16 yrs and a Boston cop for almost 5. He talked about the 9/11 funk that many of us felt this year, the craziness going on in the world around us, told us his backstory and Trident Shieldand why he created it. He is also affiliated with the following groups:

Mighty Oaks

Operation Restored Warrior

Patriot Crusader Mission


Want to know more…take a listen.


We had the amazing Dee Rockfor our musician. He just won Outlaw Song of the Year award at the Josie Music Awards. We played his song Muddy Water.




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Veterans Unite, Ep: 016 – Cpl. Chad Eric Oligschlaeger Foundation

Welcome to our collaboration episode. Each Sunday night we team up with The People’s Patriot Project to do the We Got Your 6 at 6 shows, events or whatever you want to call it. Ultimately it is the Patriot Playtime, our…Virtual Happy Hour.


In today’s episode we talk with Eric Oligschlaeger. He talks about his son’s battle with the VA, PTSD and the dangers of too many meds. He also talks about the Cpl Chad Eric Oligschlaeger Foundation, what they do and an upcoming event with incredible raffle prizes. One of which is a Damascus Steel Bowie Knife forged by BlackGuard Customs.


If you want to enter the raffle go to , click the “Donate Now” button …

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