Ep: 021 – Kim Bowerman

Today on WVSJ Network Connects: Our host Army Veteran and CEO of WVSJ Network BriGette McCoy shares a conversation with Army Veteran Kim Bowerman, former Drill Sergeant and Law Enforcement officer about why she joined the military, dual military service with her spouse and her reasons for military transition decision. Kim shares the ups and downs of her experiences and her love for education mentoring and coaching others in their careers.   Listen in on the conversation of two women veteran sharing life experiences and military service. 

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Athens, Tennessee: When Veterans Rebelled

The twenty-first century has been characterized by a dissatisfaction with the federal government unique in American history. Only 17% of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing. Such widespread disaffection has inevitably fueled calls for civil disobedience and extrajudicial citizen action. But is armed insurrection something Americans are capable of, and is it the ideal solution to our woes?

To ponder this question, Heroes Media Group looks to the Battle of Athens. Named for the birthplace of democracy, it’s the most recent armed uprising against a legitimate government in US history. It brought down a corrupt political machine, forever changed the involvement of veterans in the American electoral process, and offered precedent for civilian discontent with government for generations …

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Ep: 020 – Lornett Vestal, Navy Veteran

Today on WVSJ Network Connects- Our host BriGette McCoy speaks with Navy Veteran Lornett Vestal about his military service experiences and the programs that serve the military community at the Sierra Club Military Outdoors. Lornett current role is Campaign Representative.  Lornett was born and raised on the south side of Chicago IL, joined the military at age 17 and deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He has a Masters in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and has worked in education, social work and non-profit organizations over his career.

Find Sierra Club’s Military Outdoors Program at Military Outdoors Program

Here is a link to a write up about the Alaska expedition in 2015 that I attended. 


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Career Options for Retired Military Veterans

Career Options for Retired Military Veterans

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve retired from service and are looking for the next step to take. Adjusting to post-military life isn’t easy, especially since you’re adjusting to life without a strict routine. Fortunately, you’ve got many options.

Our Heroes Media Group article on learning through the internet highlights that many veterans are using online learning tools to pick up a new skill or two. This opens up your opportunities for work and further education even more. However, even without online learning, being part of the military teaches you lots of both hard and soft skills that can be applied in a host of careers. You can use this to your …

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Ep: 190 – Team Addo Founder, Mr. James Boggs.

Take a listen as we sit down for an exclusive interview with Team Addo Founder, Mr. James Boogs. James spent 20+ years serving our country, he started in the United States Marine Corps, retired as a UH- 60 Helicopter Pilot in the U.S. Army and spent some time as a Law Enforcement Officer. James discusses how Team Addo was formed in 2014 and what they have done for our nations heroes since.  We asked, why start this organization? “I’m following my calling from my Lord and Savior” ~James Boggs

Team Addo started a “Veterans Closet” the first of its kind in the Tampa Bay area where they team up with Men’s Warehouse to outfit veterans with a FULL suite! NOTE: Ladies, they are …

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