Ep: 007 – Joyce Cade Hitchye CEO and Co Founder Of Impact Show

Today on Women Veteran Social Justice Network podcast CEO and Founder BeiGette McCoy speaks with Joyce Cade Hitchye CEO and Co Founder Of Impact Show. She is a Gulf War Era Veteran, military daughter and widow, and active community collaborator and award winning community advocate.

Joyce and I discuss the importance of having the right mentor, family support and appropriate transition support for veteran women especially when #metoomilitary and toxic leadership is at odds with career success.…
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Ep: 006 – WVSJ Utah Ambassador, Sophelia Russ

Today on Women Veteran Social Justice Network podcast CEO and Founder BriGette McCoy speaks with WVSJ Utah Ambassador and former intern Sophelia Russ about being a student intern in a women veteran non profit. What it took to go after and accept a role leading programs and services for children with mental health diagnoses.

Sophelia discloses how close her experiences and obstacles mirrored those of the women veteran she worked with and how interacting with the Network of women support gave her strength and confidence for self discovery to new opportunities.…
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EP: 005 – Jason Moon, CEO and Founder of Warrior Songs

Join us today on Women Veteran Social Justice Network podcast. CEO and Founder BriGette McCoy speaks with Jason Moon the CEO and Founder of Warrior Songs non profit. Jason has a tremendous resume and many accomplishments during his 7 years of non profit work. He also is a 9/11 combat veteran, award winning music artist and nationally recognized speaker.

Jason and I discuss the challenges of being non profit founders, and veterans with PTSD , overcoming obstacles to success and Volume 2 CD and what it took to get the project and the women veteran who leant their narratives to a completed product distribution of more than 2000 copies so far.…
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Ep: 151 – Time For A Hero CEO, Travis Wilson

In this episode we sit down with our friend Mr. Travis Wilson.  Travis is the CEO of ‘Time For A Hero’ a Non-profit 501©3 that helps SOF Veterans with TBI using Stem Cells.  This is breakthrough technology that is helping our nations Heroes. Travis explains what it does and how it’s done.  It really is something special and very educational.  You don’t want to miss this.

We also encourage you to check out the Time For A Hero website at…

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Veterans Heal Through the Power of Books

San Antonio, TX, August 22, 2018 – With the recent release of the fourth book in the series and two more projects in the works, Camouflaged Sisters has become that go to organization for women Veterans to share their stories. It is through this storytelling that these 70 coauthors and many more Veterans have healed. When Veterans read about others who have had similar experiences and have overcome challenges such as combat related PTSD, depression, or serving in a toxic leadership environment, they are encouraged and find the courage to take steps towards healing themselves.

Because of the impact her books have had on the lives of so many Veterans, Camouflaged Sisters founder and CEO Lila Holley wanted to help

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