Carry On Podcast, Ep: 003 – The Deal In DC

Join host Lindsey Rowland and Jason Secrest, a Veteran and Post Commander of the DC American Legion Post #8 as they discuss the Capitol invasion from a DC residents point of view, cancel culture in the aftermath, Jason’s improvement of the DC American Legion, and why it’s important that VA Secretary Wilkie did not resign.


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Not Your Average Operator Ep: 028 – Q&A #2

You’ve got questions? We have answers!


This week, the team is back at answering some insightful questions from our listeners out there in podcast land. No filter, no sugar coating, and all genuine responses.


Some of those questions you’ll hear are:


-Have you found it difficult to communicate to family friends spouse etc. about certain experiences you’ve had while training or deployed? And why?


-What were your perceptions of being in the military before enlisting VS how things really are?


-How do you prepare yourself for retirement or exiting the military altogether? How do you maintain the camaraderie,  brotherhood, the sense of purpose?….And more!


We love hearing your feedback, questions, and most of all,

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Ep: 251 – A Chat with a Noble Warrior – Mike Frazier

Mike Frazier’s military Career started off in the Coast Guard as a machinery technician, he did four years, got out and then got into Law enforcement right after 9/11.  He missed the military so much that he joined the Army and because of his mechanical experience, he ended up working on black hawk helicopters. Eventually ended up working in special operations.  However, His Military career was cut short.  Take a listen as Mike shares his struggles from leaving the Military what he experienced, leading to his ‘Decision Hour’ – “So that decision for me to not only try to make something of myself for other people, but for veterans and for him. So my life really stopped being more about

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Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 027 – Advice for someone looking to join and excel in your profession

Many of us can remember key conversations with influential people around career choices. During this episode, your team go over advice they would give someone looking to enter their profession. This is a great opportunity to hear some key pieces of advice from individuals who have enjoyed some measure of success in very demanding occupations. The information in this episode is likely to resonate widely. In addition to some specific details that will help people looking into these specific pathways, as is often the case, many areas of overlap arise that will be applicable to people from all walks of life.

Your team was lucky enough to be re-joined by Casey Ingraham (Instagram: casey_nw), former enlisted Marine who has transitioned …

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Not Your Average Operator, Ep: 026 – Taking on 2021

The boys talk about the upside and downside that comes with a new year, and new goals. Many associate the new year with the window of big opportunity, but for too many, it’s the beginning of a fleeting goal that’s short lived. Mike speaks about how at the crux of it all, the best practice is to make any specific day unimportant. Simply, treat every day as a battle, and focus on conquering those goals now, not some special day in the future. Raf reveals that before he looks into the future, he analyzes the past.


He believes you should too. This forces you to dig up the foundation of why you failed to achieve the things that eluded …

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