Veterans Heal Through the Power of Books

San Antonio, TX, August 22, 2018 – With the recent release of the fourth book in the series and two more projects in the works, Camouflaged Sisters has become that go to organization for women Veterans to share their stories. It is through this storytelling that these 70 coauthors and many more Veterans have healed. When Veterans read about others who have had similar experiences and have overcome challenges such as combat related PTSD, depression, or serving in a toxic leadership environment, they are encouraged and find the courage to take steps towards healing themselves.

Because of the impact her books have had on the lives of so many Veterans, Camouflaged Sisters founder and CEO Lila Holley wanted to help

How the Opiate Crisis Disproportionately Impacts the Veterans’ Community

America’s opiate crisis has reached epic proportions. Reuters has recently reported that more Americans have been killed by opiate drug abuse than have been killed in the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars combined. It extends far beyond those typically afflicted by drug abuse, digging deep into middle class America. In fact, it has become so widespread that it has even forced the Department of Transportation to update DOT drug testing regulations for 2018. New Department of Transportation regulations now require DOT drug testing for an additional four semi-synthetic opioids that are often abused, including oxymorphone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and hydrocodone.

Unfortunately this crisis disproportionately impacts the veterans’ community, with federal data showing that veterans are twice as likely to die

Culinary Bootcamp Builds Comradery

It is hot and it is noisy but the troops don’t seem to mind, safety is important but the mission always comes first. Their leader goes around ensuring everyone is using the right tools and following instructions. Everyone understands why they are here, they all volunteered after all. For a few hours they forget about their injuries, they leave their problems at the door and they enjoy working alongside other veterans. The mission on this day is to build comradery, create something with their hands and go home with some new knowledge. I am talking about Arizona Culinary Institutes Culinary Bootcamp.

ACI’s Culinary Bootcamp is in its second year and going strong. This program is meant to assist wounded warriors, …


What happens when you get a group of veterans together? Anything! And that’s exactly what happens in “DISCHARGED,” the new animated comedy which follows four veteran friends as they navigate Hollywood.

This animated show takes the serious topics that affect the veteran community and puts a little comedic twist to it, in a story that can only be told by vets who’ve walked that line themselves.

“DISCHARGED” is making its premiere at the 13thAnnual Hoboken Film Festival in Greenwood Lake, NY on May 20, 2018.  Out of 1500 submissions, “DISCHARGED” was part of the 10% that were selected.  When asked how this came about, US Army Vet and creator, Jas Boothe, answered, “I first got the idea in …

Heroes Finance 101 : Introduction

What do you know about money, finance, investing and retirement savings?  If you’re like the vast majority of Americans, probably not much.  Do your eyes gloss over when the news starts talking about the economy or someone at your work begins talking about retirement plans?  

Join the club.

I was in your boat not that long ago.  My family left me some money when my grandparents passed away, and even though I had a trust-appointed financial advisor, I had no clue what he was talking about.  He’d recommend stocks and I pretty much just followed him blindly.  And then the internet bubble burst in 2000 and “blue chip” stocks that made up much of my portfolio became worthless overnight.