Eating Disorders and Chemical Dependency Share Strong Similarities

According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, 1 in 10 of those suffering with bulimia or binge eating disorder have a comorbid substance abuse disorder. This makes sense if you view eating disorders as a maladaptive coping mechanism like chemical dependency.

The Ace Study gives a strong sense of how body image is often symbolic. The ACE Study was developed by a man named Dr. Vincent Felitti and asserted that there was a correlation between adverse childhood experiences and health problems later in life. His inspiration for the ACE Study began in the mid-1980s when he worked at Kaiser Permanente’s Department of Preventive Medicine in San Diego. While he was there, he noted that patients in …

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Kyle Busch Sweeps The Desert

It’s getting to the point to where Kyle Busch should feel that he can come into ISM Raceway and win in any vehicle. It doesn’t matter if Kyle Busch is driving in the truck, in the Xfinity race, or in the Monster Energy Race. Kyle Busch has now won two in-a-row in the desert in the Monster Energy Series. He has not finished worse than 7th at ISM Raceway in his last eight races. He’s also finished inside the top ten in 12 of his last 15 starts.

There is also a bit of history that Kyle Busch is chasing as he entered the weekend at a total of 197 wins, only three wins behind “The King” Richard Petty for …

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