Health benefits of owning a pet

About 68% of the households in the United States own pets. While they provide constant companionship, did you know that owning a pet can actually improve your health?

A recent study dictates that diabetic teens given a fish to care for were more likely to remember to take care of themselves than those who didn’t have a pet. Owning a petshows to help bring down blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride. This means a decreased chance that pet owners will have a heart attack. People who have already had a heart attack were also shown to have a better recovery because of their companions. Cuddling our pets has been shown to strengthen the immune system of children who are exposed …

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laptop and books

The Internet’s Impact on Learning

The information age is upon us. Rather accurately named, as the further development of news outlets and the birth of the internet have made the dissemination of information easier and faster than any previous era of human history. While this comes with it’s own hiderences, like the newfound ways to falsify information. Over all the positive impacts of the internet outweigh the negatives; like the influence it has on learning. In terms of events that have significantly altered human history, the creation of the internet rivals that of the printing press. The mass manufacturing and distribution of books vastly increased the opportunities for more people to learn. The internet has done functionally the same thing, on an even more massive …

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Chocolate Chip Cookies (Then and Now)

Everyone has accidents. Throughout human history, accidents have actually ending up producing some of the most long-lived and well loved products we know. For example: penicillin, waffle cones, doughnut holes, and slinkies just to name a few. One of history’s most beloved bakery items falls under this category; the chocolate chip cookie!  

Whitman, massachusetts 1938. The Toll House Inn is as busy as ever, as their main advertisement is quality home cooked food. Toll House runs out of it’s best-selling item, chocolate cookies. The head chef, Ruth Graves Wakefield, had run out of the dough for the chocolate cookies. So, she broke up pieces of her baker’s chocolate and mixed them into the dough, thinking it would produce the …

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