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What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real? By this point you may have heard Q mentioned online, whether in conservative circles or somewhere in your social media feed.  You likely didn’t pay too much attention to it, as many of us have known for a long time that nefarious, shady and corrupt elements exist […]

A collection of 30 speakers and experts, many of whom are Single Parents or in Blended Families themselves, coming together to share both inspiration & motivation AND practical tips & tricks. Wednesday, July 18 – Sunday, July 22, 2018   30 Speakers $20 registration gives unlimited access until midnight EST August 1, 2018 Gift registrations […]

America’s opiate crisis has reached epic proportions. Reuters has recently reported that more Americans have been killed by opiate drug abuse than have been killed in the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars combined. It extends far beyond those typically afflicted by drug abuse, digging deep into middle class America. In fact, it has become so […]

What happens when you get a group of veterans together? Anything! And that’s exactly what happens in “DISCHARGED,” the new animated comedy which follows four veteran friends as they navigate Hollywood. This animated show takes the serious topics that affect the veteran community and puts a little comedic twist to it, in a story that […]

We are BACK! March 21, 2018 It has been far too long!  The Decision Hour is back and we have a new face to welcome, Patti Katter!  Patti and Adam have been talking about doing a show for a while now and here is their chance.  Adjust the volume and get ready for a good […]

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