Fight Back Against Tech Tyrants: Dan Bongino Partners with Parler

Leading social platform and media star join forces to promote a free and open Internet

LAS VEGAS, NV – Parler, the People driven social platform, today announced that it has joined forces with popular commentator, author, and talk show host Dan Bongino. Mr. Bongino will take an ownership stake and leadership role at Parler.

“Dan Bongino is the single most articulate, intelligent, and powerful voice standing up to Technofascism,” said Parler Strategic Investor Jeffrey Wernick. “Dan is a true warrior for Liberty. Mr. Bongino and Parler have been fighting the same battle: to reclaim the Public Square from the Tech Tyrants and restore our right to speak free.

“Now, we stand together, resolutely fighting to reclaim the Public Square which

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Parler is thrilled to release the Tech Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

Leading social platform unveils framework to get back to a free Internet as part of #Twexit campaign

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Parler, the People driven social platform, today released a plan to return to the original vision of the internet. The document is laid out in two parts: A Declaration of Independence and a Bill of Rights. The Declaration lays out the grievances with the censorship and data abuses of Big Tech Companies while the Bill of Rights states the free and permissionless nature the internet must be allowed to enjoy for it to thrive.

From the Bill of Rights:

The Internet was created to be a place of endless promise, made possible by ethics, enlightened self- interest, …

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Facebooks “Oversight Board” just an Excuse for Technofascism

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Jeffrey Wernick, legendary Investor and Strategic Advisor to Parler, today issued the following statement addressing Facebook’s Content Oversight Board.

“Facebook’s Content Oversight Board has generated a lot of discussions. Some cite it as another example of power over speech. Others have discussed the number of people on the Committee. Still, others focus on the names mentioned and their alleged biases and preferences. I cogitate all this is a distraction and diversion from the real issues. Facebook is a private company and is allowed to set its own Terms of Service. As Facebook has scaled, its bargaining power has strengthened since its users do not want to lose the audiences or the monetary value they have built, and prefer …

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Ingle’s Southern Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament

Game 7

Semifinal #1

#1 ETSU 97

#5 WCU 75

(Asheville, NC) – Not sure if ETSU head coach Steve Forbes can turn his premonitions into financial gain, but if Sunday afternoon was any indication, you may find him in Vegas soon. The fact his top-seeded Buccaneers easily handled the fifth seeded Catamounts of WCU 97-75 in the first Men’s Southern Conference Tournament semifinal matchup was impressive, but not a surprise. 

“Every once in a while during the season, you get that feeling that you are about to play well, and I felt that last night,” Forbes said. “I could just feel that it was coming. When the ball went up in the air, we played like our hair was …

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Adam Bird, Changing the World One Podcast At A Time

Podcasting is just one of the things we like to do here at Heroes Media Group, it’s something our Founder/CEO Mr. Adam Bird has been doing for a long time. Recently Mr. Bird sat down with fellow Veteran and friend Mr. Ed Shank for an interview in At Ease Magazine. Here is the link to that article Click Here

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