Rain doesn’t dampen Aggie Spirit

The Coaches’ Trophy and 104,000 fans filled Kyle Field expecting a show. What they got was a game both teams will point to as the beginning of their season.

One year ago the second half of Aggie Football was difficult to watch but under Jimbo Fisher the entire country was glued to their seats.

Aggie quarterback Kellen Mond excited the crowd with over 400 passing yards.

WR Kendrick Rogers emerged as a potential superstar. His spectacular catches showed the country what a cross between Gumby and Stretch Armstrong would look like.

The Aggie defense looked good against a high caliber offense and got stronger in the fourth quarter when the team needed it most. While they are not yet the …

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Jimbo Fisher’s Aggies Looking Good

The walk from Reed Area to Kyle Field was filled with students tailgating, parents, children, and die hard Aggie Football fans ready to see Jimbo Fisher’s first game.

Before kickoff a mixture of Seniors and retired Marines are busy getting the Fighting Texas Aggie Band ready for their first performance. As they play the national anthem four F-15 jets scream over the stadium.

For some kickoff means getting to your seats quickly for others its time to rest.

Behind the scenes security guards, parking attendants, and other staff rush to eat a snack and prepare for half-time. People working the game for the first time are exhausted.

Those that have been doing it for years tell them to wait until …

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Bryce Harper Puts On A Show For The Home Crowd

WASHINGTON (HMG)– The second deck of Nationals Park literally shook when Bryce Harper’s Home Run Derby winner “dinger” sailed over the right field fence.  Harper, adorned in a Washington, DC flag bandana pumped his fist and marched about home plate and the on deck area as if he had just hit a walk-off home run in the seventh game of the World Series.  Meanwhile, the home crowd, which had waited since 1969 to see another All Star game in the nation’s capital was wild with approval.

“This wasn’t only for me and my family and everybody like that, but this is for, you know, the cook, the guy that works the front and the people that work upstairs,” Harper …

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US Navy Vet, DAVE BRAY USA releases NEW ‘Storyteller Album’ that will change the Music Industry forever! It debuted Today at #6 on the iTunes Rock charts and is called “Music on a Mission”.

Bray’s story telling tracks along with his truly unique approach to songwriting will pull you into this audio journey like a black hole.

This album will take you through a whirlwind of emotions and will plant a seed of good will and patriotism into your heart.  Bray uses his warm tones to narrate the musical masterpiece and with his storyteller album he takes you inside the mind of the Patriot behind the music…

“The music is like something you …

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Has Coach Geno Auriemma’s Luster Worn Off the Women’s Game?

Columbus, Ohio 

Undefeated again with significant blowouts throughout the NCAA Women’s March Madness, the University of Connecticut’s women’s basketball team was poised to overcome last season’s “oops,” and win their record-setting 12th national title.  The team from Storrs, Connecticut showed up to the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio looking up at four consecutive banners bragging their championship success.  The one odd ball was the 2017 banner without a UCONN  logo.  That was the year that UCONN had learned its’ lesson when they realized failure in an upset to Mississippi State.

After all, this was the Huskies 11th straight trip to the Final Four, they had 36 wins without a loss and little competition throughout the season.  Friday night, …

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