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Team:5Paragraph.com                                                         Event type: 5P Podcast   Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                              Task organization: Solo Talk   Situation Voting in the midterm election. Many “Presidential Election Voters” pass on the midterm elections. These midterms are extraordinarily special. We have a chance to re-right the ship that is America.   Organizations with family values at their core. Policy makers […]

Team:5Paragrah.com                                                          Event type: 5P Podcast   Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                            Task organization: Solo Talk   Situation Working through the struggles of business growth. Conserving in some areas to grow in others.   Seeking fellowship in a community, club, organization other than your own.   Mission:  Finding the right fit outside of your own organization in order […]

[Tempe, AZ]  Big game tonight in the desert between the 15th ranked Michigan State Spartans and the Arizona State Sun Devils. Arizona State would go three-and-out in their opening series, and the Spartans would be held down by the Sun Devils defense on their first drive and were also forced to punt. The next drive […]

Team:             5P                                                       Event type: 5P Podcast Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                Task organization: SOLO Talk   Situation Problem: We are ridding our world of corrupt filth and bringing back true American greatness.   Friendlys: Heroes Media Group, Gray Point Ventures, Mcpherson Marketing Group   Mission:  Talk about the whirlwind of mainstream facts that are coming to […]

Team:5P / HMG                                                                    Event type: PODCAST EP   Coordinator:Michael J. Penney                                                    Task organization: SOLO TALK   Situation Problem: Socialism; People who believe everyone should work for the common good. Unfortunately it always leads to terrible people ruling from a small minority.   Friendlys: The U.S. Constitution and our founding documents work to prevent overlordship of […]

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