Ep: 251 – A Chat with a Noble Warrior – Mike Frazier

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 251 - A Chat with a Noble Warrior - Mike Frazier

Mike Frazier’s military Career started off in the Coast Guard as a machinery technician, he did four years, got out and then got into Law enforcement right after 9/11.  He missed the military so much that he joined the Army and because of his mechanical experience, he ended up working on black hawk helicopters. Eventually ended up working in special operations.  However, His Military career was cut short.  Take a listen as Mike shares his struggles from leaving the Military what he experienced, leading to his ‘Decision Hour’ – “So that decision for me to not only try to make something of myself for other people, but for veterans and for him. So my life really stopped being more about me at that particular moment that I asked God to be in my life it was I knew that there was more to it”

Mike is a Noble Warrior, mentor to many, he keeps a positive outlook on life, tells a lot of ‘Dad Jokes’ and is adding value in the lives to whom he speaks with and to those who listen. You can follow Mike on Social Media also check out his website and listen to his podcast Noble Warrior.

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