Ep: 248 – Competitive Shooting with Kisa Libby

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 248 - Competitive Shooting with Kisa Libby

Kisa Libby is a Navy Vet, a sponsored competitive shooter and an accountant for a well known business supplying law enforcement officers. By far, her toughest job is as a single mom to 2 boys. 


We had a great discussion with Kisa about why she started in the shooting sports and how she’s working to raise her boys to be strong, positive men. Like many veterans, Kisa found herself missing the camaraderie of serving with others for a common mission (and in often less than favorable conditions). She tried many things to find that spirit of brotherhood, but is it wasn’t until she was introduced to competitive shooting that she felt she finally found a suitable replacement. 


As Kisa’s boys grew up, she started thinking about how she (as a woman) could best ensure she was providing her sons with the tools to think critically and be the kind of men she felt the world needed. We have an open honest discussion about the challenges of parenthood in general and how single parenting presents unique circumstances. 


Follow Kisa’s adventures on the Instagram she shares with her oldest son. 


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