Ep: 237 – Fighting for Our Nations Heroes with Will Ostan

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 237 - Fighting for Our Nations Heroes with Will Ostan

Great interview with our with the Founder of Arc Of Justice, Mr. Will Ostan.

You will hear a brief background of Will Ostan experience and find out about his passion to fight for Our Nations Heroes who are wounded and still on Active Duty.  We discuss the gap between Active Duty and the Defense Health Agency and why so many wounded warriors are not getting the help they deserve.

We then get into what Will has been working on, House Resolution 6466, (the integrated disability evaluation system Accountability Act of 2020) that got added on as a bonk amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act 2021, that now is part of the Thousands of pages of the main Omnibus Bill that the President will sign before the end of the year.

Here’s a clip from the show…

Well, we’re actually, we have a very small niche. And we’re, we don’t service veterans, because we serve as active duty wounded warriors going through the integrated disability evaluation system. So we’re actually trying to do what I would call preventative legal medicine. And we’re trying to help active duty wounded warriors get justice before they become veteran so that we prevent a lot of the problems at the VA.
~Will Ostan~

Arc Of Justice Website: https://arcofjusticeusa.org

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