Ep: 015 – Checking In On Yourself, Evaluative Process

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
Ep: 015 - Checking In On Yourself, Evaluative Process

Evaluative Process: a life tool for improving upon relationships. Brigette McCoy provides coaching on how to implement the Evaluative Process, the what, how, and why behind this simple yet complex method for refining the ways in which one may go into relationships or decide if established relationships are working as they were intended or designed.

The Evaluative Process is simple because it begins with the basic question: Is what I am doing beneficial to my life? It becomes slightly complex when that basic question is used like a template that is placed over the different types of relationships in life: family members, intimate partners, friendships, community associations, and business connections. The Evaluative Process questions can be used as a checklist to help one to create the best possible conditions for living life to its fullest. In this podcast the Evaluative Process is succinctly discussed, and you will learn that depending on the type of the relationship you are looking to have would depend on the type of questions you ask. There are some questions suggested by BriGette, and those may even inspire you to think of some on your own.

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