Go Live Life Well, Ep: 017 – Live Live Well 1.5

Heroes Media Group Network
Heroes Media Group Network
Go Live Life Well, Ep: 017 - Live Live Well 1.5

On this GLLW Podcast, BriGette McCoy provides coaching on creating and developing experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge is a tremendous asset to have especially if you are not one of the lucky people who gets it right on the first time you attempt your goal. Additionally, she discusses how to decide on and obtain a mentor, facilitator, or coach: the type of goal you are attempting will impact the type of assistance you need. She illustrates the differences between mentors, facilitators, and coaches and expounds on how to make selections for finding people who will become essential members of your community that will become part of creating success in your endeavors, ventures, enterprises. An essential factor in determining what type of person you can connect to when addressing a certain topic, issue, or matter in life, involves taking note of their experiential knowledge and the opportunity to expand upon your own. Come listen in as BriGette gives advice and shares what she knows about creating and expanding a network of knowledgeable people, as well, she guides you on how to build your own network. A great network is like having an extensive tool kit; each mentor, facilitator, and coach becomes part of the greatness you are building. 
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