Go Live Life Well, Ep: 016 – Making it-The Destination

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Go Live Life Well, Ep: 016 - Making it-The Destination

On this GLLW Podcast, Brigette McCoy provides coaching and insight on the strengths and the hazards of creating “time stamps” while planning a future. She creates a dialogue about this process through the metaphor of going on “The Journey”, which is any goal that we have established for ourselves, along with the self-prescribed time stamps to go with it.  Through her own personal parable, The LaGuardia Hunger Games, she playfully explains the benefits of balancing hindering time stamps and expectations with the unexpected bonuses of delays on the journey and changes in plan.

As BriGette points out, the biggest value of accepting the detours on our journeys is that the detours provide a great opportunity for personal growth and they can often offer surprising learning experiences that may not have happened if we were not in the wrong place at the right time. Listen in on BriGette’s keen presentation of how to arrive at your “Destination”. Her podcast offers great opportunities to learn about the advantage of flexible time stamps that maximize the joys in the journey and how to make peace with the fact that you may not meet all your goals nor satisfy the time stamps you established.

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Podcast Topics:

Time Stamps: a challenge that hinders our focus on the journey

-Time stamps: Positive and Negative

–Planning is good

—prepare for the journey with realistic goals and prepare for stops along the way

—arbitrary time stamps that are not met may disappoint or devalue the small goal along the way

-Expectations: self imposed imposed by others

–Getting to the goal is only half the journey

—neglecting the experience in each moment along the way takes away from a chance to be enriched  

—you may miss the opportunity to have  learning experience

-Improve upon the “Time Stamp”

–Create a timeline that allows you to enjoy the moments along the way

—reflect on how to engage with others when you end in a space when there is change in your plan

—do not make meeting time stamp goals more important than how you treat others

—-be nurturing and kind to yourself and others

—maximize the joys of the journey

-Last Thing:  The destination is important, that’s it!

–Do not focus on how you got there or how long it took

–Do not hold yourself to others “words”, standards, and stereotypes

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