Ep: 219 – Emotional Sobriety with Special Guest, Dr. Andrea Vitz

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 219 - Emotional Sobriety with Special Guest, Dr. Andrea Vitz

My guest for this week’s show is a Emotional Sobriety Educator, a Doctor of Chiropractic, Life & Relationship Coach and Strength & Rehabilitation Expert and is the CEO of Levelheaded Doc LLC, Dr. Andrea Vitz. 

What Andrea has created is something really special, she has a created an Emotional Sobriety workshop and has a new book out called “The You You’ve Never Met” How to stop experiencing pain and chaos in all of your relationships by Sobering up, Emotionally Speaking.  (https://levelheadeddoc.com/)

When asked what is “Emotional Sobriety” she said… “when we think of sobriety we usually think about somebody who’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol; and sobriety actually has a lot of different meanings that have nothing to do with drugs or alcohol like level being level headed and clear and mindful and well respectable and all these things that we really don’t even consider as a part of sobriety. So, emotional sobriety is essentially a training that I’ve developed to help people overcome their emotional addiction which makes them clear which makes them dysfunctional, which makes them not level headed in their life. So I call that emotional in sobriety or emotional belligerence. It’s the same as being drunk on alcohol, or drugs. You also can become drunk on your emotions and I’m sure you’ve experienced this as a human being, and I’m sure everybody listening has experience feeling a lack of self-control, when under the influence of emotion. That is my, my duty, really is to help people individually and as a community rid themselves of the things that have control over them because if something can control how you feel it can control you.”

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