Ep: 121 – Mental Heath Awareness with Leslie Juvin-Acker

Tune in as we talk with subject matter expert on Mental Health Awareness, Leslie Juvin-Acker. Hear how she empowers active duty military, families and veteran communities.

Leslie Juvin-Acker, the Asian American mother of two overcame years of postpartum depression after the birth of her first child. During her painful road to recovery & healing she took “power back” & founded her company Leslie Inc. developed to create “Solutions for Happiness.”
The Army Brat, turned executive happiness coach, businesswoman & self-help author defied incredible odds and shares the following “talking points” to those battling their Mental Health challenges:
1. 3 ways to improve anxiety & depression.
2. How to decrease the “Stigma & Shame” of Mental Health.
3. How to empower your children against bullying.
4. 3 ways to enhance your “Emotional Intelligence.”
5. How to build awareness to increase compassion & healing.
6. Key to recovery “Take Power Back!”
Leslie recently raised over $1,000 in April for Home Start, a non-profit in San Diego which fights against child abuse & nominated by Connected Women Of Influence as a “Women to Watch in 2018.”
 Leslie Juvin-Acker’s story is a true testament of resilience, inspiration & empowerment to those on the verge of giving up, struggling to find answers and woman fighting to turn their lives around, but most importantly for their families. For more information on Leslie visit www.leslieinc.org

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