Health Beat, Ep: 028 – Change Your Situation

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Heroes Media Group Network
Health Beat, Ep: 028 - Change Your Situation

In this episode host Brian Hazelgren talks about situations we find ourselves in.  What are some situations are we experiencing right now, Covid19, Riots and how can change our situation?  Brian also discusses the importance of coming up with some kind of routine to keep us on course. 

“Sometimes you actually have to force some kind of change in your mind and even in your personal situation. I’ve learned in like, for example, in the corporate world or atmosphere. We have to adapt and change. And sometimes there’s crisis mode that we have to go into. Other times we can relax and build for the future. Other times we have to just have a strategic plan and follow the plan, whether it’s in your company, whether it’s in your community or in your family. Now, I realized that the virus and the riots have caused millions of people and companies to change their situation. In some cases, they were given no choice wasn’t their fault. In other cases, they just wanted to  follow what maybe the local government had mandated. But they always come to the conclusion they meaning the leaders always come to the conclusion that the routine has to be established for people to follow. So the long short of this discussion is to really figure out about how we can establish a routine in our daily regimen. Because if we don’t have that it can cause us to lose our bearings.”

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