Health Beat, Ep: 030 – Fixation on the Negative

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Heroes Media Group Network
Health Beat, Ep: 030 - Fixation on the Negative

Do we as a society have a fixation on the negative things? It all around us being feed to us day in and day out, right?

We as humans usually have a propensity to give a ton of weight or more weight maybe is better way to put that in our own minds, that when things go wrong, that’s where we usually spend most of our thought process versus more when things are going right.  Scientists have called that something interesting. They call it the negative bias, that we focus on the negative so much.

That just one negative event can literally hijack our minds in ways that can be detrimental to our relationships to our own in interpersonal peace, to our health, to our work and even our happiness.

Change your mindset and FOCUS on the positive. Listen in as Brian talks about how to change your mind and what you can do to focus on positive things.


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