Ep: 220 – Kate Kimbley, Mother, Teacher, Coach and Community Hero

The Decision Hour
The Decision Hour
Ep: 220 - Kate Kimbley, Mother, Teacher, Coach and Community Hero

We have a special guest for you in this episode.  Kate Kimbley is a single mother of four, a High School Art Teacher and a Fitness/Strength Coach. Kate Kimbley is #CommunityHero and an inspiration to many. She shares her story about how she became a teacher and how she got started in helping women achieve their fitness goals. If you think you need a gym and a bunch of machines, or you think you need to make fitness the Number #1 priority in order to be “fit”… You’re wrong! Follow Kate on Instagram and see what she is doing to stay fit. She also is doing a class on ZOOM Every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. (AZ time, during this coronavirus) for more information on contact Undisputed South (https://undisputedsouth.com)

“I mean, that’s always been a part of my life lifting weights, fitness, all those things. As I became older, it just became, you know, honestly, mental health wise, the necessity just to have that in my life, especially just there was a lot of stress and things like that with the lifestyle that we had and raising four kids and all these things. So it was a necessity it was definitely a necessity for mental health wise as well. And then, as I, got more into it, I just started talking to more women, it just seems it occurred to me that not everybody understands how beneficial it can be. And a lot of people operate under the misconception that if you’re going to be in shape, if you’re going to be into fitness, it has to be your life. And I remember I was listening to this one trainer say something to the effect of, um, you know, if you if you don’t make it, your number one priority, fitness is not your number one priority and your number one thing, then you’re not going to ever reach your goals. And I thought to myself, that’s not true. That’s Bs!” ~Kate Kimbley

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